So Sick...

4 years since my last serious relationship, and it doesn't look like its gonna get any better. I understand that I come off as a "nice guy", but that's just because it's hard to find anyone I can really connect with on a level that breaks down this stupid shell I live in. To make matters even worse, it's hard being a shy guy in a small town where it's rare to find a woman who is interested in a guy who has a tough time taking the lead in situations. I'm working on finding confidence outside my zone, but it's difficult when confidence seems to be equated with being an ***hole and not caring when I really want to care. For someone like me, hearing "man up" or "get over it" is like telling me to act ratchet. It just doesn't work and everyone will know that I'm faking it. Where are the women who can appreciate a laid back man who doesn't have to be so macho or play tactical games just to bring about a relationship? What happened to being friends before lovers?
enlight3ndone enlight3ndone
22-25, M
Jan 9, 2013