I Want.

I don't want to be single. But I'm just not a pretty skinny girl. And no body cares about you unless your pretty or dead. That is how society is. Well I just want a guy who would love me for me. Who I wouldn't have to try my hardest too try to look good for him because no matter how I was dressed he would always think I'm beautiful :) . I want to cuddle with him. Have my first kiss. Hug him have random kisses. Go out and be proud to say he is mine. And he would just tell everyone how amazing I was to everyone. To tell me he loves me and never want to let me go. That I am his one and only . But I know there are no longer guys like that those are just dreams/ fantasies. There are only swag **** now. And of course I would want him to have swag but not be a total jerk but guys like that don't exist. Maybe they do but they won't be interested in me.
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Guys like us exist! >.< We're single and annoyed about it! lol. Youre too young for me lol but dont loose hope. There are still good guys out there, especially in college ironically. A lot of those swag **** turn into gentlemen when they get their **** together ;) Lol

That's bullshit that guys like that don't exist, I have told that to a girl on Facebook but I felt like she just didn't care about me. I meant every word of it. Every time I sent her a message on ? Facebook she would just ignore it. It was horrible and then she didn't unfriend me but made it to where I couldn't see pictures of her, even a picture that I myself had taken. I couldn't see her interests or friends list. I just felt she had stabbed me in the heart and I just felt like it was too unhealthy for me to keep trying for her to communicate with me. I finally unfriended her and actually got friend requests from girls that were total strangers to me. I felt a little bit better after that but I deep down I still really love her. The saddest part is that feeling of true love doesn't go away. I think that some girls who think they need to lose weight actually don't need to.

I saw that same picture that you have on your profile and posted that to my Facebook wall because that's how I felt towards her.

I also think that you will find the right guy eventually if you just don't give up on love. I feel like for me it's really hard to date right now because I am unemployed, have no car, in debt, and living back with my parents. So for me I felt like I just can't take not having the chance to be intimate with someone and so I have looked in to female escorts online just because I need to have some physical contact and I just can't take it anymore.

That sounds exactly like what I feel. Guurl lets be bffs ok

You still have your life ahead of you. Boys are a headach take it from me i know.Enjoy being single you have so much in life to do besides worry about boys trust me.