I Miss Having Somebody To Hold

It has been over a year since i had a girlfriend and i think this is mainly down to my lack of confidence and my complete insecurity with myself. I miss having somebody who loves you for who you are. I miss thinking up romantic gestures, loving someone and being loved back. I am still young and i know there is still so much time i dont pretend to think there's not. But for me, love is the best thing in life. I haven't been happy in myself for the last year now. I think love is the only thing that can bring that back
tniner1 tniner1
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

i know how you feel. i may be a girl, but it has been a long time since i had a boyfriend. and jeez, he was only a fake! yup i only one relationship in my life. and it lasted about a month. i am so sick of this being single.us sometimes i wonder if i'll ever get a boyfriend. makes me wanna cry sometimes.