Talk About Hard!

I am 40 and wondering if I will ever meet my Mrs. Right. I have dated before and been in relationships, but I find it so hard to connect with people especially women and be really into them. And I have dated a TON. What makes things even harder for me is that I don't think I want kids. I love them and they are fun to play with, but raising them? I don't think I could handle it and as most of you know, most women do want children. Which leaves Single Moms which I don't think is a good idea to date generally because you end up being the 3rd Wheel behind their children and Ex. Which is perfectly understandable but man, is it hard! Anyone have similar problems/stories?
KeyLargo1972 KeyLargo1972
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I understand how you feel, i'm in the same boat. My only difference is I would'nt mind having a daughter.

You have the option of single moms (not all have ex- problems), moms with older children (mostly raised already) and older women who've never had kids. Maybe the fact that you're being really closed-minded about it has you missing out on some really great women?