Twice Bitten

Ive been single! now for 4 years, I have had one long term relationship from which I have two boys, we were both young and he turned out to be a violent bully, I moved away and met my husband who was the complete opposite, gentl,,e blah blah, blah for a while anyway he turned out to be an emtional abuser who couldn't take no for an answer never the less I had two more very special children, when I could take no more I moved away with my lovely children, I have met men but they are either married or have a partner and just want a bit on the side, surely Im worth more than that?
snizzy snizzy
36-40, F
1 Response May 27, 2007

Their lost!!!Yes,of course u worth more than that....Maybe one of this day u'll find someone who will truly love u.Someone who knows ur worth more than anyone else.