If I Could Blame Myself I Would

What irks me to no end is more often than not my relationships don't work out from no real fault from either of us. Take my last girlfriend for example. We have no doubts that we love each other, but she's very family oriented & devout in her faith & her MOTHER refuses to accept our relationship& says it's 'unholy'. Her mother has gone so far as to MOVE AWAY, change churches, etc. to keep us apart. One could say my girlfriend could have stood up for us, but no one should have to chose between relationship & family/faith & it's unfair to put someone in that spot. Her mother may feel justified in doing so but I won't go there.

That seems to be a theme for me as either friends, family, money, health problems, work, distance or just bad timing seem to become obstacles. I'm trying to be sort of 'zen' about it in that these are things that are beyond my control & love is a journey, not a destination. Still, it would be wonderful to have someone as a stable comfort in my life. Someone to share everything with. An ally, a joy, & sex would be nice too y'know!

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It must be my day, I keep getting complimented! Thanks again Tek ^_^<br />
I agree. Marriage has become a ridiculously contested institution. <br />
For instance my brother was thinking of getting married because he has a child on the way but he & his SO are students & if they marry, their incomes will be added together & both their benefits will suffer giving even less income for the child. So he's going to have a bastard child. Kind of off subject, but an example of the stigmata attached to what should be a positive aspect of life...

I don't understand that thinking...meh...unholy is marrying for the wrong reasons. Marrying out of guilt...now that's just silly...<br />
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It's no wonder marriage doesn't work out for many these days. Some associate marriage and sex as one and the same. Sex is ALWAYS a temporary unification and temporary feeling. And marriage, well some days it's not fun and some days it's amazing. It "should" encompass more than just some superficial details...it should be a specific dual cocktail mix of important and complementary traits as well as good chemistry...<br />
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I think you're pretty awesome too. When you are least likely to expect anything, she'll come along! : )

teh Claudia says I'm awesome? I be red now... *blush*

Thanx twix & Tek!<br />
The unholy part was premarital sex. She had a miscarriage which of course was "God's punishment" for our sinning & unfortunately, she almost bought that.<br />
I'd like to note that her mother had premarital sex with her husband A LOT, but her justification was she married him. Does anyone else see the flaw in this logic? WTF?!

tsk...my inlaws went through great lengths to separate us too...It was tough having his side of the church with no family but he had his friends. But he chose his "new" family instead. It's a shame because I never wanted him to choose or cut off anyone. It backfired on them I guess...<br />
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Even so, it still put a huge stain on things. People choose all kinds of paths but who is to say which is the better when you have to choose between people you love. It's not fair...It's really unfair to make people choose. It does no justice and causes only grief...I'm sorry that had to happen. : (