I Never Wanna Be Single

i guess I'm to picky when it comes to who i date
but i hate being single i need to feel loved outside my family and friends constantly. i try not to be picky with guys but i need someone that I'm attracted to not just like in personality but in appearance to i don't wanna be kissing someone i don't think is attractive.
hardkiss hardkiss
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 5, 2007

My dear, picky is good. Picky is excellent. Have you read some of the stories on this site? There are thousands of girls here who were not picky enough and now they are miserable. You stay picky. Then perhaps you can avoid that misery. Single is better than that.

lol I dont think there is such a thing as being picky when it comes to dating...we all have our own needs, our own personality and what makes us happy, and if finding the person that makes us feel complete takes a long time, then that doesnt necessarily mean the person is picky.