Why Not Me?

i am so sick of being single. i just want to find the one that im meant to spend the rest of my life with. i know im only 20, but ive been single for so long, i want to find someone to share my love with. hopefully theyll come along soon.

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I'm sure it will happen. For some people it doesn't, whether they want it or not. But just keep trying.<br />
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The internet is a good place to meet people, try plentyoffish.com (it's free).<br />
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You should meet lots of people and not settle down so quickly.

I feel that it is easier for women to meet men rather than the other way around...men have egos and they LOVE it when a woman flirts...give it a try..Good Luck

Don't wait, waiting will only get you a lot of alone time. You need to take action. If you want something, you have to pursue it. Treat the desire to have someone like the desire to have a job. You won't get a job sitting at home or while you're out and about doing errands. You have to go out and make something happen. You don't have to cruise singles bars or clubs desperately trying to find someone. All you have to do make an effort and seize the moment when you do come across someone you're interested in. Good luck!

for sure... i get all that. im being as patient as i can be.

Yeah I definatly get it, all my friends are either in long term relationships or have married, it sucks being single! I get that im 21 and there still plenty of time yada yada yada but it still really sucks

I agree with all the comments above. Just wait for it. It may seem like a lifetime but when that person comes along......it will be worth the wait! Not to mention never wasting your time with someone who you shouldnt have been with to begin? The wait is tough but the remember there may be great reward in what comes after :-) Good luck to you and never settle!!

hopefully he'll find me because I have no idea were to look. maybe its the fact that all my friends have someone, and its just a little depressing to see them with someone while I have no one.

your still very young, it will come. It normally happens when you are not looking for it or wanting it.