Maybe I'm Bringing It Upon Myself

Yes, very single 20 year old here, who cannot seem to find a guy who'll stick around for more than one evening. I keep meeting guys who might be interested but quickly decide they arent... I think I'm too aloof with them or something. I dont automatically trust people and so I often find myself being very silent on dates. Also find myself being 'friend-zoned' by the guys I like, but without sounding anal here, my male friends seem to all have things for me. Its utterly confusing, but I'm not good at playing the love interest. I think my personality is too strong, I'm not sure I'm able to be the charming girl guys seem to want. Reading this over I sound awfully butch, but really I'm not. I'm sick of humouring guys, so I guess I'll be alone for a long time. AHHH


I'm sure this is riddled with contradictions but oh well

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

finally i meet someone whos very interesting..<br />

Men are very fickle creatures (trust me, I'm trying to get out of that group myself)!<br />
<br />
Just because you're 'friend-zoned', it doesn't mean that after being friends with them for a while they might not want something more. Taking me as an example, I'd probably only think of 'getting together' with someone if I knew quite a lot about them. If I was friends with them for a while beforehand, then I'd know exactly how compatible we'd be, and how likely it'd be to go well. If I thought it wouldn't go especially well, then we'd stay friends and nothing of value would be lost.<br />
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I might not make sense in this comment, I'm in a meeting trying to look interested! If you have any questions, you know I'm always here.