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I guess it started about 2 years ago when my daughter was born, she had medical issues, I stresses over that, the others needed me at home, I wanted to be there for her at the hospital. Finally she came home, I have been sick pretty much since then, I have gone through colitis from too many antibiotics, a painkiller addiction, and recently the stress has gotten much worse, we are losing our home, my middle child has been diagnosed with add/hd. My daughter will have medical issues until adulthood. My sex drive has been gone for years, and thats hurting my marriage, my mother now lives with us, I honestly have no time for me, I either have my husband, kids, or mother around me constantly. I hate this feeling, I really don't know what to do to fix this, my kids argue and fight daily, my add son does not listen to anyone, my husband dosent believe that people can have problems like this. I did go to the doctor yesterday and he gave me an anxiety medication, but will this help? I am so scared that everything I knew to be normal is offically gone, I just want to be me again, be there for my family, and have the energy to clean house, take the kids to the park, and laugh again instead of crying when I think about all of this. Can I ever be happy and healthy again? I really do not know at this point. It isnt the same here, I have "friends" although I never see them, I only talk with them maybe once or twice a month if not less. The curse of the stay at home mom with 3 kids. Sorry to ramble on, I just dont have anyone to talk to and wasn't sure what to put for my story. Thanks for reading.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your stressful situation. It seems unfair that anyone shouild have to deal<br />
with so much at one time. My Heart goes out to you. If you need someone to talk to, you can drop<br />
me a line as well. Take Care.

Oh wow! That is alot on your plate! I understand how stress can take a toll on a person. I understand you have alot to deal with, but remember to try to take some time for yourself (even if it is just 5 - 10 min at a time, arranging an hour out, etc). We cannot take care of others unless we take care of ourselves. Are there are other responsible adults in the home that can help out so you could have "you" time? What about support groups in your area? I found support groups & therapy helped when I was dealing with my family, isolation and loneliness. And know you are not alone. Just some thoughts, that's all. <br />
Good stuff for reaching out though! Here, too - if you need to "talk" - am here :)<br />
Hang in there & keep in touch!

Sometimes being completely involved in a situation actually makes us lose instead of get a better perspective on things. It's happened to me. if you need someone to "talk" to or rant at/with drop me a line....anytime :)

Thanks so much! I am trying to stay up, but it seems the more I get up the harder I fall down. I will take your advise and look at them one thing at a time. It makes me feel better to know people out there care somewhat. Your comment has really lifted my spirits more than you know. Thank you.

It's obvious that you're overwhelmed..... understandably so too. While everything's happening at once don't forget that they are all separate issues. Don't let them all snowball into one huge insurmountable mass of a problem. As bleak as things may be now i'm sure you can work your way around and through everything. One thing at a time and the best that you can at any one time...those that are beyond your control, allow life to take care of them for you. Just hang in there... sending positive vibes your way ....*hugz* :)