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....and there are many. i thought she was the person whom i can trusted and shared everything with. she was alright and not once i never believed her. when she needed me, i am always there for her, when she cried, when she wasn't feeling so great, when she was down. i always try to be there for her even when we had to be apart for awhile. i told her to wait for me, that i will come back. she said she understands. these days, i am back in college and waiting for her to reply my emails and messages on the messenger. she never did. i don't know what did i do wrong to her, i never did any except always trying to cheer her up when her stupid bf hurt her. i feel very much betrayed as i am expecting her to at least reply me.... i love her like a sister as i never had one. but all i get now is being left alone. it's so sad, i don't have any best friend or close friends whom i can trust everything to. i only have my husband and most of the times, i don't talk to him on what's bothering me. my ex-best friend doesn't care about me even though she said she does.... talking to her or not, it's the same.... life sucks, totally.
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Your story is heart breaking. No one should have to go through that. You don't mention much about your relationship with your husband and that confuses me. I understand that all marriages are different but I was under the impression that your spouse should be your best friend. The one that you can trust and share everything with, no? Does he even know about what your going through with your ex-best friend? From what it sounds like in your story you are a great friend but your mistake was blessing someone with that gift who clearly didn't deserve it. If your in school there must be a ton of people around you and things to do. The one most important thing I have found to be true though is this; You must be your own best friend before anyone can get that close to you. You must be able to spend time alone and entertain yourself and enjoy your own company and even be your own cheerleader when things get hard and then I promise you will never be alone. I don't mean to say that you don't need friends at all. Maybe you can find hobbies and things you're good at and love to do and through that find others that share those hobbies and make a few new friends but this time please make sure they are worthy of being called your friends. Never regret the mistake! But never make the mistake of not taking the lesson. And perhaps talk to your husband? Like I said I don't know your relationship but I can only imagine he cares for you and wants to see you happy. If you haven't already try to talk to him about what's going on. He can't give you what you're looking for until you tell him what that is. I hope this has helped in any way.

she betrayed my trust, everything i confided in her, she spilled it out to her bf.... and then my partner knew about it.... and yes, all in the name of best friends. i stopped talking to her already and she's confused why i stopped talking to her. it's as if she doesn't know the very reason why i did it..... and when there's a chance that she saw me, she would asked what's up as if waiting for some bad news to befall me.

*Hugs* to you. I faced the SAME thing with someone whom I considered a best friend and like a sister. She appeared sooooo sweet, caring, warm and loving.... and then gradually she started ignoring me and all my messages, and totally avoiding me..... for reasons totally unknown to me! It later turned out that she's two-faced, and had backstabbed me and spread nasty rumours about me while pretending to be my best friend and putting on a fake show of love and concern! Anyway, just sharing my own story. <br />
I just hope that your "friend" hasn't done anything similar to you that you may not be aware of! Let's hope that she's simply ignoring you because she just cannot be bothered to interact, or that she considers other priorities to be above you. Either way, I can totally understand how you're feeling! Such ungrateful people..! Besides this friend who backstabbed me, I've also had tons of people coming to me and pretending to be my friend and using me to get what they want, only to leave me and forget me the very next moment..! <br />
Now you could say that I'm left with almost NO real friends..... except for a long-distance bf who tries to understand my pains but cannot relate to them at all.