And I'm so tired of it!  Granted not all of my friends make me feel this way, but at the same time a lot of them do.

I feel like they only want to talk to/sped time with me when it's convenient and others just make me feel like they tolerate me for one reason or another.

I also hate how even in a group of my closest friends I can still feel like the outsider. Maybe that is just my own doing though, maybe I alienate myself without really realizing I'm doing it.

I don't know... I just know that I hate feeling like I don't matter to the people who matter to me.

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Yes, sadly some friends only appear when THEIR need arises. Literally hundreds of people have done this to my wife and me and this has caused us to take a rather cynical approach. Quite often now, we ask each other "what's in it for us?" This may sound like a poor attitude, but it is a self defense mechanism to protect ourselves from further abuse.<br />
We do still have special people that we consider true friends, but the rest now remain acquaintances with precautions and conditions. <br />
How many among us can say "I have more than 5 TRUE friends?" Not many I bet!

who? me?

i know how it feels. i'm in the same situation... i just have no luck with friends. when i finally find some, they treat me like your's do it to you. i have a friend, we were for 8 year the very best. she used to use me, and that was making me sick.. she told me how to live my life, and when i noticed it, it was pretty late... but now we don't talk anymore. and it's better so.

No, it's not.

I have friends too, that are only there when it is convient. It's frustrating and it's not a nice way to treat a friend.