My Past Is Here to Stay (unfortunatly)

when people tell me to fprget about my past without even knowing what went on it i i feel like telling them where to go.  this is because when i was 4 i jumped on somebody who was dead and the image ha stayed with me ever since and also when i was about 9/10 i witnessed somebody trying to kill my mum~ who would have died if it wasnt for my sister.



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4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Well me personal, I had to know everything that I was not ,before I could know what I am,and it took all of my past to get me here. So its ok to look at the past, but you are not that past self, you are new everyday.Love and Light Mary

I am now almost 53, and I have heard these same words from various people for years. <br />
Sorry, but my past is what shapes my future. <br />
It is also a learning experience, a way for God/Higher Power to prepare us for eternal life!

When people say THOSE words, they are really trying to get you to think about and move on to the future. Everyone has things from their past that they wish never happened. None of us will ever truly forget, but most of us accept that something happened and move on from there. <br />
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I will never forget some horrible things from my past, but I choose not to keep looking over my shoulder and thinking about something that I can't change. I learned from these things and try to help others from having the same thing happen to them. Or let them know that they are not alone. I don't sympathize with people because it enables them to feel sorry for themselves. I have COMPASSION for these people. This is understanding their feelings, but not letting them hide themselves away in the dark forever.<br />
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It is hard. We can not change the fact that something happened, but we can grow stronger from the experience and grow from it. We will never forget, but hopefully some day it will not be showing it's self on the surface of our thoughts as much.

You can't forget the past. All you can do is learn what you can from all your experiences and treat yourself like you would treat someone who had these same experiences. You might learn how NOT to live, or what you would like to protect others from. Maybe you're experiences are preparing you to be a doctor or a counselor or some kind of psychologist. Give yourself a hug and comfort your inner child who has experienced such trauma. Compliment yourself on your sensitivity in reacting so strongly to violence. Decide to be anti violence in your life and instead vow to bring peace and joy to the world. Look on these experiences as ones to bring you closer to all that is good and positive by pushing you away from evil.