I'll Tell You What You Should Do With Your Terms

I sure am. First they catch you with one of those flashy slogans like "our **** is better than you've ever tried" after what comes a boring list few pages long of what whose responsibility is and what-if's of all sorts. For me it looks like this. I sorta trust them, I'm ready to spend my money on their stuff which by then I'm only wishing to get to be like one of their ad faces. And what they do? They make me agree with their legal tricks first. And after that they call it 'customer service'. And you know what? I call it they don't trust me.

Been thinking while ordering water yesterday.
stacygirl stacygirl
18-21, F
2 Responses May 9, 2012

Damn right girl

Well said. Too many terms and too much fine print tend to make me believe that the product or service is not all they claimed it would be.