Delusions Of Martyrdom

This story is not directed at all Christians. Not even most. This story is directed at the select few who believe their position as the "select few" deserves respect and makes them exempt from criticism.

If you were a Christian and lived under the rule of Roman Emperor Nero, you may have been persecuted.

If you are a Christian in Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia or another Muslim country lacking in religious freedom, feel free to say your religion has been persecuted.

If you are a Christian in North Korea, you could and should feel persecuted.

Now, if you are a Christian in a western country and feel you are being persecuted due to your religious beliefs, you need to harden the f*** up.

I'm tired of Christians pulling out the victim card every time someone is kind enough to say "Happy Holidays". Or when prayer's not endorsed in the public sphere. Or when atheists say Christians are stupid. Or, you know, when people are fighting for freedoms that Christians don't think they should have. 

This is not persecution. It's nothing but ridiculousness. 

And if anyone is being persecuted, they probably aren't Christian.  

Easter and Christmas are holidays, whether you celebrate them or not. I can't even legally order a drink at a bar on Good Friday. The Abrahamic religions have apparently trademarked marriage, because no one else gets to decide the definition. And almost every member of my government is Christian. 

How people from a group that constitutes 64% of my country can delude themselves into thinking they are a silently suffering minority is just beyond me. 
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

there is different types of persecution and it starts small for example like the Jews during Hitlers time weren't killed right away but hate was instilled toward them first that's what's happening in the Western World. Also I have heard of churches being burned here in the U.S. and people thrown stones at. One person had a Bible study and was thrown in jail. I think the persecution is more verbal in the Western World but remember how someone was shot in Columbine for believing in U.S. and not Christians being told by the government as terrorists.

Jesus was persecuted both verbally and physically and some Christians only have verbal persecution such as family not wanting anything to do with them to physical persecution. Being disowned for ones belief is also painful emotionally. Think of all the Muslims in the Western world who have converted to Christianity and how they are treated by their families.

I completely agree. Somehow they are blind to this. My father is a pastor and my parents work in Europe as missionaries (you know, Europe...the only area of the world that has been christian longer than the USA). To hear them tell it though, you would think they were one step away from being ripped apart by lions!