I Use To Be A Pursuer..

Its all in your mindset people, If I meet a girl I lay my cards right away, Very direct from the get go.  there are lots that love the thrill of the chase and we they do allow you to catch them, then you get freezer burn from the cold, all done with those twisted souls, Be yourself, but have an edge, be a lil mysterious, I find it amazing how people want to know every lil detail about you in like one date, they suck all those details out and  you got a shell left..no mystery..when you finish  a book it sits on a shelf or give it to someone else..dont be the book,  sometimes I find people  men and women become the NICE guy or girl..NICE..Ewwww...Mr. Rogers was a nice guy..I want to be known as the  cool fun guy...thats another fine  line to walk,   enter cockiness, again..its fine line,   but if you become the NICE guy or girl..your already done, be direct..Hey, I like you, lets go out...whats your number..if you dont get it..or they ask for yours..Smile, laugh and say BYE  walk away......those are chasers..if someone is really attracted to you..you know..there is not texting..no let me see if im available call me later in the week  What that really means  if nothing better is going on..yeah..I guess I'll go out with you. .don't let it get to you...dating is like fishing...you have good days and bad..change your lures, bait, and realize if you dont put your pole in the water..you cant complain you idnt get any fish..and if you did fish and got nothing despite changing your lures..locations..then your done for the day..move on...once I developed, no  fear of rejection, and added a touch of confidence and lil cockiness, not to much...your still going find those chasers and maybe not see it right away..but you will...nip it in bud..be direct..prepare to cut his or her BS soon than later...plenty of other fish and days to fish...thier loss, you know your a good catch.. god forbid if your in a so called relationship with a chaser..then what you really are is " In case of emergency break glass call for help"  your her..can you help me? fix this..pick that  up?  pick me up? can I borrow money?  My car broke down...and ive seen plenty of guys do that..just enough play to believe she really likes you...and your the errand go to guy..but if something better comes along im busy all weekend...dont be him..or her...Mindset, people..do you want to be chaser or be chased..then change the rules..make it work for you..cause it really is all about you...
Jackk45 Jackk45
46-50, M
May 22, 2012