I'm constantly always having to put my dreams and goals on hold because, circumstances and family situations. I feel like I'm failing at life because everything I want always seems so elusive. I always have to find another way and i believe that I'm failing because I can never seem to be in the places I want it have the things I want. It seems as if what I want and what I get are two different things constantly
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Well you started college right? That should be one checked off your bucket list. Give yourself room to breathe....and be disappointed but don't ever give up. Trust me just breathe and try not to be eager, you'll miss out on the little things

Thanks that's great advice. I was planning to go to college in NYC and my plans went astray so I've been down about it. I just work so hard sometimes and I wish thing panned out the way I wanted but, like you said I need to relax so I can appreciate the little things.

Awwww what school in NYC?


Oh ok, well you still have options to consider after you've received your Associates. I went upstate NY for a while and now I'm back in the city at community college in the same boat

Wow that's crazy. I'm taking the community college route now and then hopefully transfer. It's been a trying time. I know you know the feeling.

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