"i Am Sick Of Feeling Depressed"

Lately my friendship with a colleague drifted,she has been behaving badly and it has been affecting me immensely. Last week I realised that she is a snake in green grass because she was dragging me into her own mess and saying bad things about me to the boss. When people realised that she was the one on the wrong side,they advised me to keep away from her because she'll step on me and walk away as though nothing happened,her weird behaviours have really depressed me but I braved myself and assumed as though nothing happened but deep inside my heart I hate her!
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

Just leave her alone for awhile. If she is a true friend she will come back to you, if not, you are much better off without her. Don't spend emotional capital on friendships were there is no return on your investment.

wow! thanks.Am actually doing that & the guilt in her is killing her but she's too proud to say sorry to me

Good for you! It will be her loss!

No no no no! I don't wanna do that,I'm still in good terms with her but emotionally am detached from her and I'm comfortable with this,she's the one who wronged me and she's behaving as thou she's an angel.They say what goes around comes around and today she was panfried with other workmates because last week she was making them look bad in the boss's eyes! I was delighted to see her being grilled but I know she hasn't learnt her lesson yet.

stop thinking of what she did to you and start thinking of what you did to her? i believe somewhere she loves you a lot but a certain aspect of yourself made her feel neglected.<br />
<br />
can you attempt to say to her 'I LOVE YOU A LOT. STAY WITH ME ALWAYS' and see her reaction?