I Hate It...

I hate that I have to cenor myself. I hate that I can't trully write what I feel, and what I am thinking, because there is a chacne that "he" will read it, and that will just mnake things worse fro me in the long run. I hate that Ep is kinda no longer a place where I can come here, and really let it out, and get it all out. I hate that I have to always look over my shoulder, and have to be careful about what I write about because I don't need him knowing everything. I am just so damn sick of having to worry about if what I say, about what I am thinking or feeling, will hurt someone, especailly him


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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Notice how she skillfully made the guy (him) the villain...

Angel....get yourself a anonymous profile and write,write ,write! in your case its not a fake thing to do...you need a outlet!<br />
<br />

There are several that I know that have had to do just that Angel..... Can't be themselves cause they will be attacked or harassed... (((HUGS)))