Same Here

I'm tired of blocking invites from men who's been showing off their wife to get friends. For one thing I'm not sharing my spouse. OMG
ladyryan ladyryan
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2 Responses Mar 27, 2012

I do not agree with wife sharing and I will not add those people who share about that subject, have stories about it , and have pics of it, but they still ask to friend me. I even have gone as far as Posting that I won't add on my home page, profilepage. But I don't know if these people can read or even bother to do so. Anyways My wife is mine and I'm not sharing.

"My wife is mine and I'm not sharing" sounds sexii. She lucky to have you. Thanks for the reading.

Thanks I am not possesive just abide by my commitment to her.

*highfives ladyryan* preach it .. when they add me though I am a bit confused I dont have a spouse to share .. I guess they want to get there hands on my stuffed panda ....Well they cant !! =-)

Thank you Softkitti for reading and writing in your comment. Glad to know we stand on the same ground about this. Thanks for your kind words.^-^