It just really really grates on me!! You may think, oh just ignore them and delete their request, but its all the time!!! Why? And where do they get the idea we share any common interests? I ALWAYS view a persons profile before i add, and am horrified to find the vast majority are into wife swapping, pic trading, sex,sex and more sex! Has far has im concerned i dont think my avatar is over sexual, and im certainly not part of any groups they belong too, and i certainly AM NOT into all that stuff! If thats what floats youre boat then fine, just not mine!!!!

Blondevixon Blondevixon
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Change the channel, turn the volume down, turn the set off.

I know what you mean. The majority of the profiles with female pics are actually men displaying their wives. You really have to read the fine print:)

No nautiboater i dont either, i find it a little weird to say the least!

coiuldn;t imagine sharing/swapping or whatever else people are attempting to do with their wives or girlfriends. it even seems that most of the men have female pics on their profiles. don.t understand that either.

Well i didnt and wouldnt mean to cause you any offence itsfuntoshare, maybe sometimes i put the wrong thing? But the bottom line was purely, im happy to add anyone regardless of their age, sexuality, race, has long has they have more interests then sex. And if a person, whoever they might be is only adding me in the hope of any cybersex without bothering to build up a friendship first, i am not at all interested. Or in trading pics. I am here on ep for having fun, sharing ideas, stories and having a laugh with all the lovely folk ive made friends with. And have also had a great deal of emotional support when i have hit hard times. For that i am greatful. Sorry if im going off subject, i have waffling tendencies lol. I hope you get the point i was making though.

Thanks for your comment itsfuntoshare, i dont condem anyones choices or define all those with different tastes to my own has pervs, i am openly perverted lol. Its just that a) I was baffled at the high number of men wanting to add me, who where very much into wife sharing ect? Ive NOTHING against whatever two consenting adukts choose to get up to, i was just baffled why i was so popular to these people, when nothing on my profile or the stories i commment on or share say otherwise. I dont mind having wife sharers in my circle, but its not something i have any interest in personally.

Well i cant help it!! Its becoming a terrible affliction sat!! Just has well i have my put off rooting in dustbins lol, or sat on the park bench with my can of strong brew and dirty mack hahaah!

cos your so damn hot bv , brings out the bad boy in us lol

Well funseeekerr i can tell by you even bothering to comment on my story that you have a mind and a brain has well has been sexual. Thats the problem, a person can be totally different to me, with different interests ect, has long has they can talk about other stuff too, and have a brain, and arent disrespectful im happy too add them. Alas so far SO MANY ive given a chance and most of them have asked for me to send them private pics of me naked. Or they have pmed me something crude...this spells little social skills, i am very much open to things and flirtation, with those i have built up a friendship with over time. Put the effort in guys at least!

I agree with you BV; we do not share our love or our bodies with anyone else.

Yes thats great floridabreeze! Thats what ep means to me, and if i was trawling for that kind of thing i would start in the groups with about wife pic sharing ect...or maybe they have exausted those and looking for fresh meat lol! x

Aww! And thats why i love you Stevester! And glad you managed to find it in yourself to help these ladies out by taking the time to view their pics!

Let's face ti EP is a pretty broad church and there will always be a few on the edge. i recently received a number of invites from young women to view their nude pictures. Being all heart I accepted and am much the better for it. Sure i have issues with the crazies obsessed with pee and poop but it's easy enough to avoid them. In your case BV they are like the guys int he bar who need ten drinks before they can approach you and then they blurt out something completely ridiculous. Very uncool. if the thought about it for a second they would realize that anyone married to your is never gonna feel the need to swap. <br />
<br />
Why go out for burger when you've got fillet at home. x

Yep saratogagirl i ALWAYS check their profile and if there are no other interests other then sexual i just leave right away. Its crazy if i wanted that kind of attention id have a avatar with me in the buff! Which aint ever gonna happen! And Scotty...the vix is very paticular who she shares with, but you are one of them for having a heart and brain has well has been very cute x

i agree with SS; being a good looking woman is all it would take to get their attention.

Yeah, BV -- I have written about this too. Personally, I do NOT understand this behavior, but even leaving that aside, just what the hell would make ANY person think I would be interested in friending someone whose sole apparent reason to be here on EP is to share naked pics of their wives or gfs. It's disturbing!

Ok but how do you feel about walk sharing dogs adding you? I can take it be honest!

I know what you mean BV. I prefer knowing you for the person you are, because you are wonderful as you are. Do not change a thing

Thanks for your input soma! Yeah ive deleted myself ages ago from the few "Adult" based groups i did join, and even moved the faxct i was bi sexual off my profile page!! But still they come!!

I have to agree with scotty as well. Thanks for the story Vix. I have some things on my profile that now I wish i hadn't. I was trying to be honest but some take it as that because it is sexual that you want to see pics of there wife and know what you would do to her... This freaks me out and makes me wonder - do there wives even know their husband is doing this....<br />
<br />
I am sorry but if someone wants to do something one line fine but don't force someone else into it.

Mmmm interesting and thankyou all for your input! I definately think you have raised a few true points scotty. I dont have anything against these people at all, live and let live, its just not MY thing, and nothing about me would hopefully indicate this. And thats true outercalm, they should add men with simular interests, there is no way im part of any of the wife pic trading groups they are in, so am constantly irratated and baffled why they choose to add me!

If they truly want to share their wives it would make more sense for them to be trying to add lots of other men to their circles.<br />
<br />
Since I have no interest in sharing my wife either my logic may be flawed.

BV,<br />
<br />
I am married and I don't understand this either. I would never feel comfortable sharing my wife with another person. I don't cheat on her, so why should I want to pass her around with anybody else?