Ppl Are Stupid.

I am to the extent of pulling my hair out because of stupid ppl thinking I will take nude photos of my wife and send them to people. I'm furious with people asking her to be nude on cam and can they meet up and ****. My wife nor do I ****. A **** is just a quick sexual encounter to get an ****** and then part ways. People do not understand that having a sexual encounter, especially with a person you love, takes hours. You do not just get an erection and pound away until yoy *********. My wife and I hold each other close and kiss letting our hands explore each others bodies. Then when each of us are aroused to the point of explosion THEN we make love.When I slide my **** inside of her ***** I do not pound away to have a fast ***********. I switch between fast and slow thrusting; I hear her moans of passion, desire, and pleasure. More often than not I focus on her pleasure and satisfaction I will not *********. I want her to be more pleased than myself. I go until I'm swerating with labored breathing and I have muscle cramps in my lower back, thighs, and calves. I focus on her pleasure more than my own.I tighten my prostate gland along with my glutes very tightly and do not *********. I do not want to be a "fast shot". Meaning I want to last longer than 99.9% ofthe inferior male species.Those 99.9% of men I mentioned focus on getting a nut and not pleasing their partner. I'm the direct opposite. Those men who swap, share, or swing wityh their partner are generally looking for a new thrill, are not faithful, and just want another notch in their belt/ bedpost. People like that sicken me. If I offend anyone I offer my humble apologies. EP is a site of personal experiences AND OPINIONS!!!  Just because you like someone does not mean you have to have sex or ****!!!!

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You are not busy enough. We sometimes don't have time to make love. V will ask if I would like a quicky and we do. We sometimes play and tease for hours and sometimes we jump each others bones. One night for fun I said no foreplay. We just ****** and it was very hot. She got off at least three times before me telling me that foreplay was fun but not necessary for her or me. Variety is a key. We will have a sexual encounter with nothing but oral and get each other off several times. Next time we might **** with no foreplay. Usually we have foreplay, oral, and **** off and on for hours and love it. I am thinking of sharing her because she is so damn sexual but if its fun we will try it.

He's totally cheating on his wife.

You know, wives need more husbands like you and men need to look up to you! And i agree 100 percent of what you wrote here, **** is nothing but just having sex and part ways...what happened to sacred, meaningful marriages?<br />
<br />
But this story is a win right here! making love takes hours always with the person you love, a wonderful feeling...(excuse me for getting a bit emotion...lol)

Sometime we make love. Sometimes we screw. Sometimes we bang and sometimes we play. Its all fun. Sometimes she wants to be ****** as she doesn't have time. I am fine with that. We have fun. We enjoy. We get off multiple times. Can that be bad? Making love is fun to and fulfilling. Sometimes we will make love in the morning, screw in the afternoon, and do only oral on each other at night or a different combination. (that's on vacation to have that kind of time). How ever we get each other off is great and if she doesn't get off this time I will get her off three times next time. Have fun.