Give It a Break Already

I'm so sick of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith. Every day and night the same crap. Let's face it, she was an attractive woman though not my tyrpe. (too dippy for me).

The only things she is famous for was being a play thing for Hugh. She ******** for Playboy. So what? I don't see were that takes a lot of talent nor brains. I've seen a lot of women right here in this small town that I would much prefer spread out in Playboy.

Simple truth is; Anna Nicole was a Golddigger who used her "***"ets for money.  I think in most area's of the country that's called prostitution or is it *****?

I guess that puts her in the same league with Bill Clinton. Use the power of what you have to get what you want. He's still in the news also.  I guess it's true: Sex Sells.

LovingGuy LovingGuy
56-60, M
1 Response Mar 26, 2007

Wow, right or wrong she was able to pave her way in life. Regaurdless of what people thought she still got what ever she desired. We are a society built on sex and looks. Sad but very true. She played her assets and everyone else but never was she denied and in death she's still desireable, So like most dead people they only get more famouse. Deal with it or live in a box.