I Am So Pissed Right Now...

Okay, so there is this girl in my new school and this girl and I used to be best friends all through middle school, but our friendship ended on a really bad note due to something that happened at the end of 8th grade.  I'm a senior in high school now so obviously 8th grade has been quite a while for us both by now since then.  There's only one little problem...

After we stopped being friends, we became enemies.  I'm talking arch enemies here.  If you were to see us now, you wouldn't believe we were ever friends, especially best friends, for three years.  We have a lot of mutual friends though and they are the only ones who know.

Somewhere around the end of sophomore year, I kind of got tired of the whole us being enemies thing for two years when we once used to be such close friends and I actually tried to make peace with her many times.  But she refused every single time.  She just didn't want to make peace or call any truces.  In the end, I just gave up and decided to let her be.

Well, I got transferred to a new school this week and apparently, she also got transferred to the same school as me, unfortunately.  I decided to just focus on my schoolwork and on graduating early so that I wouldn't have to deal with her for too long there.  I decided to just deal with the fact that I'm going to be seeing her face all over the hallways since the school is so small, it's smaller than a freakin Walmart (I'm not even kidding).  And I was doing just fine.  But today...
Today she crossed the line with me.  Here's what happened today (I'm going to change some names around here)...

Me and my friends Victoria, Nora (a mutual friend of mine and my enemy), and my best friend Spencer were sitting together at school during lunch and then suddenly Brenda (my enemy) and her friend Sierra (who I don't know) come up to us and start talking to Spencer.  Suddenly, they ask Spencer if she could go with them somewhere and Spencer agreed and left along with them.  So I'm just sitting there with Victoria and Nora feeling all uneasy for some unknown reason.  Why would they ask Spencer to go with them somewhere?  They don't even know her.  Why would they ask my best friend instead of Nora, who is also a friend of Brenda?  I felt they were up to no good and so, I told Victoria and Nora I would be going to the bathroom but instead went over to follow after Brenda, Sierra and Spencer.

Shortly after that, I finally find them in a hallway all by themselves talking and I hide behind the wall listening to what they are saying and well, just as I thought.  I knew they were up to NO GOOD AT ALL.  Why, they were only talking trash about me to my best friend and trying to pry information out of me from her!!! 

So there I stood for a while hidden behind the wall listening to Spencer play dumb with them and act like she didn't know that she and I had issues with each other and listened to her stick up for me while Brenda tried to turn her against me...

After a while of standing there, I got so pissed I just ran out from the wall and back from the direction in which I came from and into the bathroom, so angry and so boiling that I was on the edge of a serious breakdown in the bathroom stall.

Brenda can say all the crap to me that she wants to my face and I wouldn't give a flying crap about it, but when she is going around getting MY friends, and no, not just HER friends, but also MY friends involved in our personal issues with each other, then that's a problem with me since I don't get HER friends involved with our crap. 

And also, she knows Spencer and I are friends and she doesn't know Spencer well enough to bet money on the fact that she wouldn't report to me whatever crap she must have told her about me (even though she did tell me).  In a way, what she did today was pretty much her asking for a fight right there.  If you think about it that way.  She really hit a nerve today when she did that.  Whatever issues she has with me, that's something she should be discussing with ME and she needs to leave my friends the hell alone.  I haven't been that pissed in a long time.

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Well, I really hope that whatever happens works out for good on your part.

Haha thanks =]


Hellow guys =P<br />
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This girl is acting like a straight out b*tch. She has either been told some false rumor, or she's simply messing with you. Whichever it is, don't take her crap. I agree with Turbulence, don't give her a reaction she wants. If she tries to make you blow up, and you have a hard time not doing so, just turn around and walk calmly away.<br />
<br />
Also, make sure all your friends are 100 percent trustable, and let them know what to do if this 'Brenda' tries to pressure them. That way you'll be safe nothing bad comes out.<br />
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Other than that, I'd just try to ignore her. She's stupid and seriously needs a new hobby, cause what she's doing to you isn't fair. She's obviously childish about the whole situation. Treat her for what she is. Whatever she does, try to rise above it, act adult.<br />
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Hope this helps in any way =]

Allyrs! Do you know anything about this??

I think she was trying to start something. It wouldn't surprise me. It's just like her.

Umm.. She was either trying to start something or someone told her something. In my opinion.<br />
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Need a girls input...

If I ever talked about her before or mentioned her, if I told her anything I shouldn't have, stuff like that. I don't see why it matters to her so much.

Ooh I see. <br />
Maybe she's jealous of you and your friends?<br />
<br />
What was she asking your friend about you?

That's exactly what she does. She stares into space and doesn't even look at me. She pretends I don't even exist. But when she's with one of my friends...<br />
Suddenly I'm not so nonexistent anymore. <br />
<br />
Our friendship ended badly. That was four years ago. I moved on. How could she still hate me as if it was yesterday? It's ridiculous, really.

Girls like that are just... a bad word. Just try not to let her under your skin. Or try not to show it. Because that's what she'll love.<br />
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You've tried to reconcile with her, the best thing in my opinion, would be to ignore her existence. Pass her in the hallway, just look bored or something and straight ahead. Of course pay attention to her moves though, she might try to trip you or Idk. She wants a reaction out of you. Give her none or not one she wants. She'll probably try harder to provoke you. But she will get bored and give up.<br />
<br />
Or you can try straight up asking her what her problem is. Unless you've tried that already.