I'm sick of it. Why doesn't anyone realize I hurt just as much as them. Why is that because I'm not athletic or do a lot of physically strenuous activity that I can't be tired? Why is it that I'm big, I'm obviously a fat glutton? Why is it that everyone thinks they can come to me with their problems and wanting advice, but I can't do the same? Why is that because I'm the nerd, I don't mind being called a nerd? Because I do. I hate being made fun of just because I'm at the top of my class and I'm in speech and debate. I hate being called lazy because I don't do physically strenuous work. I hate being called fat. I know it. I know I don't exercise as much as I could, but I also have an eating disorder. I hate not being able to tell people anything. I hate being told I can't be tired. I carry a different stress than most people. I carry their stress. I carry my stress. I'm sick of doing it. I wish I could just let go and not feel anything. But I can't. Because I'm me. The girl everyone needs but no one seems to appreciate. I'm not saying no one appreciates me. I'm saying that sometimes I need help too, but I never get it. Because no one understands. And I'm sick of no one understanding. I'm sick of being me. Why can't I just stop being me?
tRueInSAnItY tRueInSAnItY
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Seriously if you need someone I'll be here just message me if that's spelled right

I'll still listen ether wat


I'll listen too you are problems might be similar

I feel you, I'm sick of the same old crap too. No one wants to listen until something effects them. I can't even say I don't do that sometimes