Ive Had Enough

Ive had enough..cant see any future in this miserable world....No friends and I mean none!! All are dead or gone forever ...out of work , real struggle to live and i dont mean without touching savings , i only wish i had savings , ive been out of work as a result of illness now i have nothing to return to . who cares? answer: nobody , everything goes wrong ....even laptop screen is giving up on me , so may not even finish this , the only reason i want to continue to live is for my kids ...no im not suicidal , but if kids werent around then i would look forward to the day of leaving this terrible place . I have tried so hard and worked really hard over the years and all for nothing , no reward so I hate people saying LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT , people who say that are successful people who have had good cards dealt .

I see the world as a world at war with each other and its a very lonely place when you get injured , hoping help will come along any time soon but it never does , your on your own , no support from anywhere , people letting you down daily .

I have no hope anymore ... I have tried so very hard .. so hard

my Advice to anyone is to make sure your aware of true friends and hold onto them for dear life .... you will need them ...god knows you will need them one day.

Please any young people dont read and be afraid of life as this is just my experience , there are plenty of good paths and good cards been handed out.

I give my love to all regardless of events in my life
God bless
samm41 samm41
May 9, 2012