I Am Sick of Life

i have had a pretty hard life in the past , my mum moved to a different country  to start a better life for us and  i was left with my abusive father, i have been depressed since i was 13years old , i havent seen any doctors about it because i dont want to go on record for having a mental illness.

has anyone else had a similar experience

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vampirepricess, now im 21, im almost ok about what happened, but there are things in my mind that will be too hard to fix up, things like: trust in anyone, like lack, you must know what i mean, every day there is a fight inside me, i usually try to dont think about these things but you know, its hard... anyway, the point is, at the same moment im happy i can be sad, and happy again, and sad, you know what i mean? my mood changes too fast...<br />
but as my tattoo says: die tryin...<br />
what about u? how have you been? and how old?

menotbugged- why is your life torture??

thorming- i am sorry that you had it so hard, it's nice to hear from someone who is in a similar situation. sometimes i don't know who to talk to , who to trust not to judge me as if i brought it on myself. you know sometimes when you tell people what happened to you it's either they pity you or what happened to you becomes a label that you carry around. are you ok dealing with what happened to you? and how old are you now??

I was abused from 11 to 16 for a man who was like a father to me, i left my mom's house (it is impossible to live with her) when i was 18, i did not (actually i still dont have, my stepfather pay my bills now =/ ) have enough money to pay my bills for buy food, for nothing... anyway, i would spend many hours telling you about my life.<br />
if you may need to talk im here...

My life is torture