I'm So Tired..

Of everything. My ex girlfriend is pregnant with my baby, my ex boyfriend is her brother, they're both living in MY apartment, and i have a three year old daughter who goes to daycare that i pay for. theyre both going to school, so they dont have jobs, we have one car that we share, and neither of them want me to move out and get a decent job. the current one i have pays well, but its.. lets just say, not morally correct. i feel like everyone in town stares at me because im GAY, and if they arent staring, it's because theyre repulsed at the fact that im eighteen and have almost two kids.. kids that i shouldnt have anyway because im gay and only had the sex because i felt bad for the chick.

i want to leave. i just want to get out and start over, to not be stared at every time i go somewhere. i dont want to be told what to do and how to do it all... i want to be happy. *sigh* complain, complain. lol but i feel better now. wow.
StrippedxPride487 StrippedxPride487
18-21, M
Jun 7, 2011