Get Me Out Of Here.

Somebody, anybody, just get me out of here. I'm just sick of everything, me, my life, my 'family', my past. Everything just hurts I want it to end because of what I go through. I just dont want to live life like this anymore. I'm sick of it.
ImOkayNow ImOkayNow 16-17, F 3 Responses Aug 16, 2011

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know the feeling, i know u probably thinking well may be thinking she knows everything, the thing is i have been hurt alot. i know what it is like to just want to get out,i have done stupid things to try and get out, none of them worked, i cried and cried, i begged, and begged for someone to take me, but then i learnt i was the only one who could get out, and if there is no way out stay strong talk to people to help u through, that prob dont mean much to u, but u can always talk to me.

though times a feels a few things i know someone how heals everything. i wish for you to meet him!

When you are tired and lonely remeber that milion people have these emotions.. so you are not the only one and lonely... It's gonna be okay. It always is!<br />
time heals everything

Your wrong,