The Married Man

ahhhhhh, it will be the proverbial story of the woman scorned and I did get myself into the relationship, but this guy was priceless.  He used me up, took from me what he needed when he needed it and conveniently ignored me when I did not fit.  He found all of the parts of me that were broken and used those against me.  He saw where I was weak and promised me what I needed and when he got what he wanted he Turned me off, went back to his comfortable life and forgot that I existed.  Until his **** started bothering him again.

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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I am really sorry for your experience. I noticed one of your posts about affairs, I think your comment was 'man w*h*o*r*e*s or similar. I kind of see where you are coming from. I am a married man and have some kind of weird 'caring' feelings for another lady... Not so much lust, but more caring that she is OK. However, cut some of us a bit of slack, as I am really happy that she doesn't feel the same, as I would really hate her to be feeling what I feel, and be cut up like I am! So, we do sometimes consider the feelings of others :)

Hey, In my opinion, just have look around you. Animals, Plants, everything :: He (men) is created to do his roll in surviving mankind ; So he is doing his "roll" producing babies and babies.................<br />
for which he requires the "vessel" and vessel is with women ; so blaming Men when he do his<br />
duties honestly !! <br />
<br />
Men are from "Monkies"<br />
and women are from "Men"<br />
<br />
Do not be angry with me for my comments<br />
<br />
Have a Blessed day !!

sounds like some guys i've known. who says they're not all the same? i sure can't tell.