Will He Ever Keep A Job?

My biggest question lately... Will he ever keep a job? Is it that hard? What the hell goes on inside of his head?

I did the math the other day. He is at eleven jobs in under five years. Seriously. Eleven. I can't even grasp the concept. How can one person be so irresponsible? So selfish? Does he not think about the rest of the world before he suddenly and abruptly decides it's over?

I'm frustrated. I'm tired of working my *** off for the both of us. I'm over always having to "figure it out" while he sits at home bitching about how the world has wronged him, yet again.

Someone needs to somehow get it through his head. The world isn't perfect. You will NEVER find the perfect job. There will ALWAYS be some ******* coworker at every job you have. You can't make millions and do nothing at the same time. Either you get a job paying little that allows you to sit on your *** or you get a job paying lots that requires you to work your *** off. That's it. There isn't a happy medium. There never will be. But when you're an adult you suck it up and deal with it.

I've decided he must have some form of a mental illness. For sure. What idiot quits eleven jobs in under five years that is 100% sane? None. I'm willing to put money on a personality disorder. Now to decided which personality disorder it is. Borderline maybe? It makes perfect sense. He hits all the categories. It explains why he's incapable of functioning in the responsible, adult world.

I like to believe that some day he'll get a job. And he'll keep it. That one day we won't struggle for money every few months. At some point in life I'll be able to feel safe and confident that the rug won't get pulled out from under me at a moments notice.

Yet, what if it doesn't? How long can I put up with this behavior? How healthy is it for my kids to watch this repeat episode every so often? Every day, every job, puts me one step closer to being able to turn around and be done. The thoughts in my mind.

I just have such a hard time kicking someone when they're down. I feel leaving him while he's jobless and screwed is heartless. I feel giving up on someone I love so much is impossible. Yet, when he gets a job, when I could leave without feeling so bad, when it would be possible things are great. There's no reason to leave then.

Ideally he'd just get a job and keep it. That, of course, would be ideal.

Realistic though? Ha, doubtful.
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

what are his reasons for leaving?

not taking sides just curious

I hope things are looking up for you. It is hard, but we keep going because of the kids. Is that the right thing to do?