Why Me.............

I really dont know where to start its like everyday something new other its my health or just problems i seem to make everyone around me happy but im never happy i wake up misrable and aggie i kinda think i deal with things i dont have to deal with . im 23 years old and have nothing to show for it i i tried lots of  things that i want to do or to make me happy i dont think im good at anything i feel like i let myself and others down . I may be hard on myself but only i know what is wronge with me i have the fear of dying every day not cause i want to i have like these headaches all the time i think im stressing myself out i dont know what to think i have so many problems and i need help i just want to be happpy without faking it thats all...................

theevilprincess theevilprincess
2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

If you try things to try to make yourself happy.. but they don't because you feel like your not good at them, then i think its because you're seeking for approval of others. Try really putting your heart into something, for yourself, not for anyone else, and then maybe you'll feel more fulfilled when you accomplish it. Or if its something to do with creativity, MILD intoxication can help ;)

I agree with beachguy and I think you should do things that make you happy. Do things you like to do every once and a while!