I have been exercising every day and am eating less than my recommended calorie intake daily, and I have only lost 6 pounds! I hate this! My stupid PCOS keeps me fat and I'm starting to lose my mind. I feel like I am unfairly stuck in a fat body forever. I know there are worse situations and I really shouldn't complain. But this is SO frustrating!
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Might want to look at what you're eating. Sometimes what you think is good to eat when you're on a diet, may be actually keeping you from losing the weight. And you need to eat at least 5 times a day to keep your sugar level up so you don't wind up with low levels of energy through the day.

I am a vegetarian, I eat very little dairy, very little carbs, and I have cut out white sugar completely. I eat mostly fresh veggies, fresh fruit, protein, and grains like rice and oats. No soda, no alcohol, and caffeine only a couple of times per week.

Wish I had your diet then.....I might do better a getting in shape myself.

Six pounds is a good weight loss! PCOS is stubborn and annoying and holding on to weight is an issue associated with it ... I thought this looked quite useful:<br />
<br />

Thanks! According to that list, I'm doing everything correctly! Still only lost 6 pounds, despite revving up my workout and eating even less calories though. Bah!

I just think that patience is the key here ... you're dealing with something which affects all aspects of your health ... those pesky hormones are tricky little devils ...

You are not kidding! lol

Are you getting enough sleep? My experience is that weight loss needs four components:<br />
<br />
1. Nutrition,<br />
2. Exercise,<br />
3. Sleep, and<br />
4. Emotional balance.<br />
<br />
Still, as long as you're not starving yourself, 6 lbs is a great achievement.

Well maybe you were meant to be a big beautiful woman and I have no problem with that! You are beautiful as you are! You don't need to be dieting at all

BBWs finish last.

ahh, but to finish isn't that great? I don't know what BBWs is/are but I would love to meet you. You have a beautifull soul. loves and hugs for you
peace, love and happiness always

BBW = "big beautiful woman"
And thanks for the kind words. :)