Too many parents behave as nothing more than law enforcers or military officers towards their children. They yell at their children and tell them what to do, expecting their demands to be carried out promptly and with no response from the child. They then yell at their child if what they have told them to do is not up to their standards, and hit them for the same reasons. Although I was not raised this way, nearly everyone I know was. Nearly all of the children I know now are being raised that way, too. Parents demand respect fromt heir children but never give respect in return. If a parent wants respect from a child, they have to earn that respect. Respect is not something that is given freely, it is something that should be earned. If you are mistreating your children, you can not expect them to respect you. You can not even expect other adults to respect you.

I would love for parents to truly parent their children. By that, I mean, set rules and boundaries and explain to the children what those rules and boundaries are for and why they are there. Children are not mindreaders. They will not know unless they are told. They need to be encouraged and loved and treated with positivity. Certainly there should be punishment if the child does something he/she knew was wrong, but that punishment should not be physical, nor should it be demeanig in any other way. Children are precious gifts and should be treated as such. The reason there are so many so-called bad kids in this world is because they are being "raised" by truly bad parents. They are not being treated with love, respect, or dignity, and in return, are not treating others with those things either.
ItchyWitch82 ItchyWitch82
26-30, F
Jul 19, 2010