Enough is enough! The Friday Paris was taken back into custody I did nothing but rejoice! Hello! Why wouldn't I? For once the California Justice System finally lived up to their job obligations and fulfilled their duties. I, along with many others, are no longer discontented; as long as she sits behind bars. The entire night nothing but her story aired on all of the news channels, and I can't recall how many times I heard people feeling sorry for her, though it puzzled me as to why they would feel sympathy for someone so spoiled. Nancy Grace saved the night with her cocky opinion and I completely adored every minute of her air time. When ever I see Ms.Hilton's face I am filled with an overwhelmingley irritating sensation. Hmmm...first of all, her little tantrum in court, her full on tears in the police car(isn't she almost 30 and she's calling out for her mother? WOW....that's pathetic), is a classic case of the "Spoiled Brat Syndrome". Secondly, I do not see other prisoners being released and sent home for headaches, rashes, etc. so please, do explain to me once again at how her situation is not a classic case of "special treatment." Thirdly, if you take a gander at her prior quotes and comments she made about her self being "this generation's iconic blonde.", and her obvious vanity you can not really expect to convince me that this girl has developed or has ever been diagnosed with "depression." I live with an individual whom has been diagnosed with this emotional disorder and usually there are signs of self loathing always present in their personality; and one thing is for certain, there's no sign of any insecurity in her personality. She is one of the most irritating, cocky, vein, over-rated and ridiculously famous celebrities that the public has ever had to deal with. Remind me exactly what it is again that she is famous for? Being an heiress( there are far more wealthier, respectable heiress' in the world) her apparent talents; what talents? She sings within one scale and does not attempt to challenge her voice, she doesn't write her own music, she has limited acting abilities, and we worship her for what? For her very shallow idiotic phrase "That's hot!" Wow! That's stupid.
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She is an example of femininity, outer beauty and intelligence, she knows how to get rich with his own efforts now that is no longer an heiress, she deserves all the adoration that she gets, she is smart enough not to give any importance to what others think, which shows how her intelligence makes her superior to many other people, especially her haters

I totally agree, now in 2013 we have to give a **** about the Kadashians and their offspring. I don't care about the Hiltons or the Kadashians.

yea, i agree