The Election Process Was Close When Al Gore Running In The Florida Primaries

Let me begin with the recent elections that were as always very close between the 2 candidates for sure as am firm believer of the American election & primary system.
But they always are close to end with at the end concerning Al Gore & G.Bush. When was the last election total one sided victory as far as J.F.Kennedy was elected back in 1960’s. As far as Abraham Lincoln the movie Vampire movie is concerned it was good for 18 century mind set but not in the modern day with multi-cultural & multiple religion in society one can not afford to have one sided mind set per say. As in religion the priest unite mankind by religious beliefs but in the multi-cultural society its only modern accept all & let live all policy as far as everyone is concerned.
I vote my next President of United States Mrs. Hilary Clinton 2016 or even 2020. Go Democrats but republicans are good for dictator type governments of the world.

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Dec 12, 2012