Rude People You Have To Love Them

You know that is life. When I post something people always think that I am trying to convince them to change there mind. I don't do that. I just try to be compassionate and helpful. I try to have people to also look at things another way. They don't have to change what they do or what they think. But also see it from a different point of few. People say I am to spirtiual. I am not. I go by what the word says and I don't try to pollute the word or anyone else. I try to give people some life experiences some examples of mine so they will lhave any understanding of why I am the way I am. This EP is supposed to be one support group. It is okay to give your opinion. Feedom of speech. But sometimes we say things and how they are worded are not very nice. I show them love and then I excuse myself. I am here to be a blessing but at the same time I have life challenges to that I like to share with other people. What has happened to love and respect. Some of us would say there is so much going on in the world today even though I may disagree let me be polite. It is not in everyone to do that. It is not hard it is a choice that we make. Sometimes people who are hurting like to hurt other people. Things like this just makes us more stronger that is all.  Still show love and kindness. People don't like to argue with themselves. Then maybe they do Ha Ha. Some people just don't love themselves. If you don't love yourself and you cannot show it towards other people. Just pray for them. Whether they are on here or outside They are going to to what they want. Sometimes peole are bored and they just want to start something because they have nothing better else to do.
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Very well put ladyblue848! I am also sorry that there are those people on E.P. that find something inside themselves which make them feel that they have to get all defensive and angry and write very hurtful things about you. They must be making up for some small part of the body, like there brains or just their I.Q.'s. L.O.L. I wish all three of you an enjoyable experience here at E.P.

WOW - are you me? What you say sounds so much like how I feel. I just try to share what I have learned with others to give them another perspective. I don't understand why it ****** some people off so much. They get all defensive and angry and write very hurtful things about me. I just don't get it. Its like the lyrics in that song "just take what you want and leave the rest".

I like and agree with what you stated mariejopink25. I am also sorry for going off in my last comment I made here iamchanging.

I like all of your postings that I have read except for maybe the one were you let us know that you are the other woman. I have a problem with the cheating. That one I do not judge you on that it is I am still kind of stung by the fact that I was married for 22 years, and forsaking all others during that time while she had the relationships with other men a one with a woman. I just let that out sorry, but I still like you writings and your point of views seam to be of true value to you. So go a head and say you peace. Also you are right this is a support site. We all come with baggage we need help with and insight to what our own life experiences. These are what we bring to the table with use.