I Don't Do Well With Rude People

First of all, I'm not saying that everyone is rude. Everyone has their own opinion, that's fine. I get that personalities tend to clash a little when people feel their opinions are right and the other is wrong.

But when I make a freakin' comment on a question or a confession and someone calls me names, swears at me, says a bunch of rude things just because of whatever is going on with them, it p!sses me off. I didn't do anything to them personally, I didn't say anything offensive and even if I did, tell me like a proper adult.

It just shocks me how many people on here are full adults, some even older than I am, are so immature like a ignorant little 14 year old who just dropped out of high school and thinks that they have what it takes to be mature and independent. DO NOT be rude to me, especially if I'm not rude to you. I have been on here the total of 3 days and I've gotten people being rude to me left, right and center for absolutely no reason at all.

I get that EP is a place where you can feel free to be yourself but whatever has happened in your life has nothing to do with the people on EP. No one has made you feel miserable, no one has made you feel bad or disgusting and if they have, simply block them. I for one, know that I haven't done anything wrong. If I am rude to you, feel free to be rude back but if I'm not don't bother.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I completely understand. :)

I agree with you on this sweetheart,i have given complete strangers advice and support when they have been asking for it on ep.Most have been thankful but there are a fair share of wankers on here who just wanna stick the verbal boot in.And i bet those in this minority wouldn't be so brave in person?,if i chinned any of em they'd be going for a kipp.