If you don't like what I post on here, simply don't respond and don't send me rude opinionated answers/questions because again you don't have to respond to me especially if you don't agree with me. Period.
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I get the feeling you were a little upset.

People are irritating...I am blocking anybody who is rude or has negative comments towards me just because I am stating my opinion.

Isn't that a bit ironic?


Well, their opinion, your opinion, you like yours, you hate theirs, so you'll block them. I think it has irony written all over. My opinion.

No someone was bashing me because i posted a question and in so many words that person said I was stupid for even posting the question.

You know, freedom of speech means every now and again, you'll hear things you don't like. You need to find a way to deal with it.

I did I blocked that person now I dont have to deal with it anymore. Thanks.

Did you tell them what you were going to do before you blocked them?


What about second chance and all

nah...I believe in second chances but in this case this person was annoying.

Exception to the rules


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