Thanks For the Smile =]

I would like to start off by thanking Lacey for starting this group because she reminded me of a funny story, and since I am feeling like crap, that really helped.

I was just listening to random 911 calls on youtube.  It started out with one where you hear this guy killing two men in his neighbor's backyard or whatever, then I got led to "stupid" 911 calls.

This lady was involved in a domestic dispute at her home, the police were called out.  Well, she decided she had a crush on one officer.  When he left, instead of keeping the crush to herself, or at least having the common sense to call the precinct to inquire about him, she called 911 back!

The 911 call features her calling and saying that she's been single for awhile and she was attracted to him, and was wondering if he could be sent back or something, I don't exactly remember the enitre details, but basically she was wanting his phone number.  You don't call 911 for a specific officer that was dispatched to you.  You call the precinct, and even then you don't call asking for a date! lol!


Then there is that new lady who called because mcdonalds didn't have her chicken nuggets.

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LOL! There are alot of people who call 911 for no reason at all whatsoever.<br />
<br />
I was humilitated when a kid I was babysitting called 911 to be funny and the police showed up at the house.

lol, yea that chicken nugget one was crazy. remember when McCains brother called 911 to complain about traffic? ppl don't realize that its serious business. i called one time and got put on hold!!

Yea...I heard about that one.....How about the one where the man called because his pizza was delivered late...that was a good one also...But the thing that I loved the best is where a woman put a cup of coffee between her legs....and got burned...She sued McDonalds for that one...I know it was not a stupid 911 call....But really it was just as stupid as these calls...hehehehe