I Have A Wife Who Treats Me Bad Everyday.

Please, I have no one to talk to or a friend. I feel alone and confuse. I have two kids but seem like they are against me too from seeing their mother acts towards me. I am very sad and depressed. I don t know where to go or talk too. All i do is work everyday and give all my money to family and have nothing left but i don t care . All i want is a simple and peaceful life but i can t get that since the devil knows that. I left all my friends because i move to another state and have nobody here,so i am all alone.
rclorenzo333 rclorenzo333
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Oh my, I know all so well how that feeling. I just spent a year alone in the south. And I only met one friend. But she found a man. So I hardly got to see her at all. I was alone buy myself, I thought I was going insane. You can talk to me any time, my age is wrong I'm in my fifties, hang on, survive... I'm so sorry your going through this, truly. Let me be your friend.. And I hope just having someone to write to helps! Been there....