Take, Take, Take and Never Give.

On any given day, some one (mother-in-law, father-in-law, aunts, uncles, Grandparents) will call my husband and tell him to come fix something for them or come move something for them. He will run right over there and do it. But, on the few occasions that we have needed help, moving or repairing something, and call for help. "Sorry, we're to busy right now." or some other stupid excuse. It so gets on my nerves. My husband though, is the one getting fed up with the bull. The last time that some one called wanting his help, he told them that he didn't have the gas to get there. I hate to admit it, but I am proud of him. He has so much to do already without having to do everyone else's stuff. You don't see them running to help him.
silvertears silvertears
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4 Responses Sep 28, 2007

i know that feeling too - but with friends not family.<br />
it sucks, but honestly, i've been better off since i've stopped making the effort for them and while it's been a hard lesson to learn - i realize the friendship was more on my part than theirs - now, the friends i have is on the "surface" - i help if i am able to and am not losing anything, but if i feel like i'm being taken advantage of i dont come up with excuses i just say i don't want to.

know what ya mean I've always been the person that runs and helps someone when they need it but if it were me asking for help I wouldn't get it.

Shux I so feel your pain on that. My poor dad suffers from that family sickness! Lol but it's his inlaws, how disappointing. He's forever bedning over backwards trying to make ends meet and he had a heartattack and surgery for crying out loud and when his family has problems, those bastards on my mums side couldn't care less! How cold!

Way to GO Mr. Silvertears! I love that! Boy, if they would only GET the message eh??? LOL