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I say to those who say abortion is murder, "Tell me how many unaborted babies you've adopted to help relieve the misery and heartache of overcrowded, understaffed, poorly run orphanages and the misery, heartache, and suffering of children who are passed from one greedy, abusive set of foster parents to another".
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I thought that well qualified potential parents usually had to sit on a waiting list for a newborn to adopt. Am I misinformed?

If abortion were to become illegal I want every one of the ******* supporters to have their names on a list and as un-aborted babies are born and dropped off at safe havens or orphanages they get a call to come pick up their saved child. And lets not forget it is their responsibility so no calling the government for SNAP or WIC benefits because a good deal of the anti-abortion pro-life crew also have an issue with government subsidies. Matter fact they should fit the medical expenses for the pregnant mother as well!

We could have a much better adoption service if the money spent defending a women's right to choose, attacking a womens right to choose, and the tax kickbacks that Planned Parenthood recieve was instead spent on supporting adoption and children born from unwanted homes. I am Pro-life (but I wouldn't say anti-choice.) and I give to a group that instead of attacking womens rights gives them a better alternative, the support and money they need to have a child.

Very well said!!!

Thank you. Like someone once said. We should hope there is as little need for abortion as possible, but while there still is, that right should remain available to those who need it.