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Freakn' Christians!

It's ironic how the christian bible bashers whom preach abstinence to rowdy teens are against abortion. Abortion is just a symptom of the lack of contraceptives. And if abortion is murder then who's to say that every time I jerk off I'm not killing millions of possible humans? I think we need to stop worrying about getting more humans into the world and start worying about all the ones that are already here and suffering.

Issac95 Issac95 18-21, M 25 Responses Mar 11, 2009

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there ya go i tell guys think about next time u jerk off in the shower!!!

I posted here before and would like to add more. I am a Christian/Catholic. I found peace with my decision when I finally opened my bible. The good Lord was looking out for me, then. The bible doesn't say anything about abortions. But there's one thing that it does say... Thou Shalt Not Kill. One of the popular Ten Commandments. Now let's look a little further. God knew about each and everyone of us, even before we were in our mother's womb. Its a mother's responsibility, once a seed is planted, that she protects Her baby at all times. Now, God doesn't like the killing of little babies. And even with that, to kill is clearly a sin, according to the bible. Now if a woman feels that what she did was a sin, then there's a thing called forgiveness. A Christian woman knows what to do, if she feels that she has sinned. If you believe that abortion is a sin, then there are things far more worse. Even with sin, what a person does is between them, God and maybe their church.

Notice in my little comment, I didn't say anything about murder. When a woman has an abortion, a fetus is killed. A fetus is not yet a human being. But a developing human being. That is fine if there are people who believe that fetuses are human beings. But there is no comparison between an 8 week old fetus and an 8 year old child. Unless they are the same growing, developing, living being. With a little science here... A fetus can not breathe on its own. It depends on the mother for nourishment, care, etc. A fetus can not feel pain until 20-24 weeks. I believe that is around the time a premi can possibly survive on its own. At this point is when I believe abortions are illegal. So with that, abortion is not murder.

Very well said.

Let's look at reality here... People that are prolife are focused on the wrong things. Aborting babies? Really? Come on. You want to decrease the number of abortions by decreasing the number of pregnancies. Let's start with teen pregnancies, for example, I think that abortion need to be discussed in schools, mostly in homes. More sex education. Let these children know what could happen if they have sex. Go into depth with it. Don't just stop at a certain point and boom, that's it. Teach them about the fetal developmental stages. I can go on about this topic. But you get my point? People are more focused on what happened after having sex instead of what could happen.

Congrats your 1 in 20 billion teen that can control natural urges to have sex. The bigger reality is most teens are not equiped with a mature fully working brain to make smart decisions. So, there are mistakes that does happen. You can even slip up in your adult years. You must be finding some way to be fighting those urges.

I'm worried now about all the jerk off killings....:-)

Name calling is not a valid form of argument. You can be antiabortion without God entering into it.This is one of the toughest arguments ever.Still not sure where I stand even at fortyfive.I do know that reasoned argument will win over nonsense.This needs to be thought over with compassion towards all.

The whole concept of abortion saddens me. Poor little one. How can it not be murder? I agree that we need to tend to those that are already born ,but so too must we tend to those yet born. If you are an Athiest, how can you support abortion? You would be denying that person their one shot at life. If you believe in God, how can you support abortion, thus condemning an innocent to brutal, savage dismemberment. God rest their little souls.

For a young man your priorities and questioning are awesome.Much good luck and success to you.Your parents must be very proud.

i agree, it's nice to see a man addressing this with compassion and critical thinking. far too many people think they are entitled to tell women what to do with their bodies all the time, it's nice to see someone get that we are autonomous beings for a change.

i agree with you completely, people need to focus on more important things like child abuse focus on the kids who are already in the world and need help, what about them, for once, can people focus on what really matters and can have positive effects for living beings not what a woman chooses to do with her own body???

"And why is it that we value unborn human life so highly and yet we treat the rest of the creatures in this world with such disregard."<br />
<br />
You summed it up, right there.

Given that kids, christian or not, are getting pregnant, it's obvious that abstinance is no more than wishful thinking and is not at all effective in practice.

If I ever get pregnant I will not bring the child into this world. I will be getting an abortion.

why dont u just get your tubes tied or remove your uterus?

No reason too I cant have children.

who the hell are you to be asking anyway? how rude.

sorry about your infertility, but i don't hold it against you for not wanting children anyway. your body, your choice... i wish ppl would just get off women's bodies for a change, they are NOT public property.

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Yeah, I figured as much. I've been reading the bible lately and it certaintly doesn't seem like the kind of thing you should take literally, the little leasons are fine I suppose but to treat it like an all perpose enclyclopedia on everything, that's just silly.

First they called negros human<br />
now they say every single fetus is too<br />
If christians don't want to participate in evolution<br />
they don't have too<br />
But overpopulation is going to destroy us all

Cowboy, abstinence is a proven failure as a policy. I know that's hard for you to admit since abstinence has worked for you so far, but trust me, you are the exception and not the rule. Most boys and girls your age (and well before your age) will not suppress their sexual instincts (which are completely natural during puberty)... and so when we're faced with that reality we must figure out what is the best way to deal with it? Religion tries to prevent teenage sex by instilling guilt and shame into sexual acts, and only allowing certain sexual acts WITHIN marriage. To do them when you are unmarried is to cheat on your future spouse. Even with this tremendous guilt and with all the power of love for Christ and even with virginity pledges and all the rest.... young christian teenagers still have sex at the same rates as any other group. The difference is that when young Christians have sex, they do it without birth control and without comprehensive sex ed, since those are the policies that good Christian Republicans support. <br />
<br />
Look no further than Bristol Palin. Abstinence only sex ed and no birth control worked out great for her, huh? <br><br />
<br><br />
It's all so very sad.

Well, can you at least concede that it Should matter which trimester the woman is in?<br />
<br />
Because I am extremely against partial-birth abortions!

Well, if teens didn't have sex in the first place, we wouldn't need abortions. Contraceptives usually prevent pregnancy, but things can go wrong and accidents can happen. But abstinence is a 100% foolproof form of birth control.

errr, actually you are wrong. teenagers are simply not capable of abstinence. i used to be a teen once and all those *christian* boys sure weren't keen to wait for marriage... you have your head in the ground if you do not see the reality in front of you.

I see's called "first hand experience." Abstinence was one of the easiest things for me to do as a teen. It was as simple as keeping my penis in my pants. Not that hard.

Although I'm cautious about abortion, I don't believe first term abortions are in any way wrong. Science seems to support that proposition. If I were a believer, I would rely on science for my facts and a broader interpretation of scripture for my faith. It's only been in modern times that scripture has been taken literally. Historically, scripture was always meant to be taken metaphorically, and the various puzzles, contradictions, and seemingly out of place stories and concepts in the Bible were meant to force one to find deeper meaning, a deeper faith. However, the so many Christians, Jews, and Muslims choose to narrowly interpret their religious texts today is not surprising, religion being mostly about ego anyway. That we invent God in our own image is idolatry and has no relationship to what God actually is. Since I'm not a believer, it's all rather moot to me, except for the damage some believers cause.

That's precisely it. They want to protect the unborn in the womb when it's not a viable human being but afterward, they scream because the mom gets a stinking $100 bucks for food stamps and becomes a "Welfare Queen." They are a hypocritical, pathetic bunch. Abstinence - true love waits, no condoms and they expect it to work for 15 and 16 year old quivering harmonal teens. Sheesh.

And why is it that we value unborn human life so highly and yet we treat the rest of the creatures in this world with such disregard.

If early term abortions are murder, than why don't we charge mothers who have early miscarriages with involuntary manslaughter?

For the same reason we don't charge mothers or fathers with the death of a child who died of an illness or disease. There was absolutely no intent.

1. I completely agree with you <br />
2. Be careful, you could go blind ;)<br />
<br />
Good story, Issac, lol

But the potential to fertalize was there.<br />
<br />
WynHaven, I know it's not just christians who are against abortion. I just saw this horrible documentary and it got me all worked up.

Ya, but the ***** from you ******* off hasn't fertilized anything, so it's not the same thing.

I like that ******* off analogy.