chances are you're trying to make me feel like ****.  Because I respect other people's opinions, I will let a person tell me that they think abortions are wrong.  Heck, even if you make it personal and specifically say, "YeaOhYea, because of my pro-life stance I don't believe that you were right for having an abortion" I'll still be respectful.  You really can't get much of a better deal than that.  I knew what I did was right and I'm strong enough to not let anybody bring me down for anything in the world, let alone the abortion I had. 

But you would just be crossing the line if you told me that I'm a murderer for it.  I'm a murderer?   

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You tell 'em. own your choice and know you made the right decision. It's no one else's business, and no one else's right to label you such a terrible thing as a "murderer." You were being respinsible. You could have just expected someone else to raise the child and let society do your job for you, but instead you chose to do what's best for you and take care of your responsibility.You have my full support.

There are plenty of people who are pro-life that believe so from a human rights and not a religious perspective. Do not lump every pro-lifer into a religious freak category.

Parker - I respect your opinion and it does not seem as if you are attacking me; therefore I won't say anything against it although I do disagree with you. I am not against abortions. <br />
<br />
Troubleshooter - Thank you for your input. You make a lot of good points.

Just me being nitpicky, but I think you meant 40 weeks, Troubleshooter :)

the reason i am against abortion is because they use it as a easy way out and just get rid of a innocent life

Wow this topic sucks- I am 23 and have a 4 year old Daughter but I was a proud mommy and yes abortion came into play but I knew I could make things better for my little girl. <br />
<br />
The power of thought took me from my barely finished high school diploma requirements to becomeing a self-satisfied single-mother/adoption councellor. I now afford my daughter's needs and wants. I am proud of my experience.<br />
<br />
But I can relate to you so much, my first was aborted and going to high school was never the same. The guilt you feel-the complete isolation- no one speaks about abortions, there are no groups no councelling no seminars. Eavh woman who goes through abotion still gets the pregnancy simptoms and the morning sickness and the wieght gain- I hurt terribly when my first had died and still people asked about why I wasn't gaining weight, why I wasn't taking prenatal classes...<br />
<br />
But I agree with you, I would never go back and change the past because it makes me who I am today. My destiny was set before me and the power of thought was not something I cared for. Everything that happened then has made me stronger now. I salute you.

It's true. There are rarely support groups or any awareness discussions that help females deal with the grief and loss. That's what hurts me the most. When it all comes down to it, it's a loss. a great loss, and all losses beed to be grieved. that's how one heals. For our society to just ignore something that is quite a common occurance, we are merely exasturbating the problem by ignoring it and denying support and counseling to those who are grieving and need help.

This is something I feel I could never do unless I were in danger of dying. That only being because I have two kids already and feel it would be unfair to leave them behind.<br><br />
<br><br />
That being said, I still don't believe I have any right to judge anyone else for making the choices they made. I cannot know what they were feeling, or what their circumstances were. Why get mad? Why judge? <br><br />
<br><br />
I feel that people need to stop and realise that when people do things that we truly believe is wrong or sinful or whatever phrase you may use, that it will not be something WE pay for. It will be them facing the punishment if they have truly done anything wrong. So why get up in arms? Why throw it in their face? We never know for a fact how God may see our circumstances, what God will choose to do even if we have sinned. <br><br />
<br><br />
Be their friend. Do NOT be judgemental of something you cannot understand. YeaOhYea, you continue on being the strong person that you are. If you feel you don't regret your choice, then do not let anyone make you regret it. <br><br />
<br><br />
<br><br />
P.S. geenpunchbuggie, I am glad you feel no regret. But it seems that we should all be glad of that. As you seem awfully bitter about ever having been pregnant. I'm sorry if that is the case.

Thank you, for stating your opinion, and yet finding it in your heart to accept me for the mistakes i have made. religious/Spritual or not, it's about empathy and having compassino for your fellow human being. Romans 6:26. we are all sinners, and just because i sinned differantly than someone else, does not make me better or worse than anyone else. nor does it make them better or wrse than me. Thank you again for not judging me, or the person who wrote this post.

You're not a murdererrrrrrrr (((((bearhugsYeaOhYea))))))) :]

thank you Juliet x

YeaOhYea I am very proud of you for being so mature.

the forced birthers are the people who are trying to spread propaganda. "<br />
<br />
i have NEVER ONCE regretted terminating my unwanted parasite.

hehe with philosophical debates, those involve people digging their heels into the ground as well :P<br />
<br />
I didn't have it without thinking carefully. I thought very carefully before coming to my conclusion about having the abortion, and sure, there were points when I got sad about the whole situation, including things that were coming up with the man who was the father. I didn't feel remorse, though. I wasn't regretful of my decision.

I have no right to tell another human being what they can or can not do with their own body.It is your own body.Why don't these anti-abortionist people help children that are born already and live on the street,buy them a bed clothes toys.there are too many children living in poverty.Help the children that are here already

Snowingstars, thanks for at least listening and not taking a club upon those with different opinions than you (no really, this is one of those never-ending topics that people can get REALLY steamed about).<br />
And Dewduster, wow, it's kinda like hearing it from your point of view is practically straight from the horses mouth (or at least, from the dentist of said horse).

It's not murder. "Because it's murder" isn't a good enough reason, and that doesn't show much credibility, either. I'm not going to raise a child in a neighborhood where children should not be living anyway. I live in a high crime neighborhood, and this is no place to raise a child. I was also a broke college student at the time when I was pregnant. I was in no way ready to raise a child and I wasn't going to put him/her up for adoption. My decision to have an abortion was a well-thought out one, and I will stand by my decision for the rest of my life. <br />
<br />
And yes I've seen the silent scream video, and I can see how that could make people upset over an abortion. I understand why people would get upset over abortions, but that still does not give them the right to call a woman who has had an abortion a murderer.

SNOWINGSTARS-I have not seen the video SILENT SCREAM but I have seen and touched many bright young girls who have had to drop out of school and loose all possible chance of ever having a decent a life. <br />
<br />
I had taught long enough to meet the grown children of my former students who were raised in a single mother's house. These children were in fact unwanted in the begining, sometimes resented and usually raised in poverty. <br />
<br />
What I was witness to was not some piece of propaganda but the reality of life in the overpopulated, poor, crime ridden neighbor hoods of uneducated single women…DD

I would never condemn someone who had an abortion because really, even with me being pro-life, who am I to judge?<br />
But let me ask you- did you ever see the video, SILENT SCREAM? If you haven't, you should. Then you might understand why some people get so upset over abortion.

Abortions should be <br />
1. Legal<br />
2. Safe <br />
3. Rare<br />
It is not for us to judge anyone for this. If you believe in "God," it should be between you and your "God." If you don't believe, well so be it. You can't legislate this issue, it'd be too dangerous as it was before Roe vs Wade was overturned.

Very good VendettA12! As I said before I am mad as hell at these right wingers who OUTLAW comprehensive sex education in my school AND then try to put the INEVITIVABLE failed programming on the young girls who have to live with the consequences and shame them into not having an abortion. THIS is CRAZY...DD

Duana, <br />
<br />
Your post centers around the fact that pro-choicers are people who are duped by slogans and propaganda, and haven't really spent much time thinking about abortion. This is not only wrong, it's insulting. <br />
<br />
Most pro-choice people are in fact very anti-abortion and do everything they can to reduce the number of abortions. But they're also mature enough to understand that having it be against the law is a crappy strategy, just like it's a crappy strategy to outlaw marijuana or alcohol (like they did during prohibition). <br />
<br />
Since you are pro-life, Duana, what are you positions on the following issues:<br />
<br />
<br />
Sex education: comprehensive or abstinence-only?<br />
<br />
Birth control: provide free to teenagers or no?<br />
<br />
State Aid: increase or decrease things like welfare, food stamps? <br />
<br />
Healthcare: universal coverage for everyone or keep our current system?

People do not say another person is a murderer just to make them feel bad or to furthur their cause. That would be completely unethical and the cause would have no credibility. People say abortion is murder because it is in fact murder. You have been brought up in a generation that has hidden this very basic fact behind propaganda and if you study the history of the pro-choice movement you will in fact have to confront the fact that pro-choice was a SLOGAN they came up with- a capitalist ploy to get people on their side because it was the only way they could push the abortion procedure and make it popular among the masses. Generally people did not even think of abortion as pro-choice until this became mass sloganized like the way we push other propeganda.<br />
<br />

Abortion is a choice. If someone isn't ready to have a child then they aren't ready... for whatever reason.

Show me some one who is. LMAO.(Darn, it is still there-LMAO)<br />
This subject has me upset because I loved my girls when I taught High School and ever year 4-5 would get pregnant. I want to scream at the unfair insanity of it all. The girl was judged and no one else.<br />
1.The system did not allow meaningful sex education when we have proved that good sex education reduces unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STD. <br />
<br />
2.) The boys usually claim it wasn’t them to the girl and then bragged about being a stud.<br />
<br />
3.) The same A** Holes that prevented sex ed. would then try to shame the girl into not having an abortion.<br />
<br />
It was always the girl who paid the price for this unfair practice, not the boy and certainly not the conservative Christians. <br />
You should not have to stand alone. I want to stand with you and I want to ask God why you and only you are judged. I am pis*ed off. I loved thosed girls and I still feel some of there pain. And yours. Bless you...DD

thank you DD for wanting to stick by me :) I am far from perfect though

Next these fools will be saying All The Eggs must be given a chance!<br />
You,YeaOhYea are perfect.<br />
If you have to spend one moment in "hell", let alone all eternity, I pray to God that I may be with you. I am not joking...DD

Yeah, I don't regret anything I've ever done in life.

nobody has the right to tell anyone anything about an abortion. until you are in those shoes you don't have the right to say it's right or wrong. <br />
<br />
in the end we all answer to one person "God" and if we are comfortable with the choices weve made in life then let it be.