these pro-liars are out of their minds.  now it's "murder" to use plan b, which doesn't even work most of the time. 

the supreme court deemed that it is OK to have an abortion and so it is here to stay.  if you don't believe in abortion then don't have one.  i never force my way of life or beliefs on anyone else and therefore i expect the same respect from other people. 

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i don't even agree with limiting the amount of time to have the procedure-- when you take away one right, it sets a precedent to take away others. like smoking... i understand that a lot of people don't smoke-- but first it was banned inside public buildings and schools and movie theatres and supermarkets-- which sounds completely understandable. but then they took away the smoking sections in ALL restaurants-- ok, i can see people arguing either way. then bars... where grown ups who smoke go to drink and smoke... wtf? now you can't even smoke OUTSIDE in some places. what next? therefore i deem it necessary to keep abortion legal to every possible extent.

Betty...too bad you can be such a rude person...your message would carry much more weight if you stick to your opinions as opposed to calling people names. As I have stated in another story your facts are not fully correct. The nervous system is not fully developed until the 7th month. However, it is developing prior to that and the embryo can “feel” pain supposedly. The real question that continues to be debated is when this occurs. Most talk in terms of the 4th or 5th month. I am not a fan of abortion and would prefer that people look at other options (especially prior to sex). However, I will defend the right of a woman to have an abortion. My personal viewpoint is that limits should be established related to when an abortion can be done. I think viability of the fetus is a starting point (most think this could be the 4th or 5th month). Again, there is no need to name call which will only distract from the issue.

Betty...You are are awesome!!! Fuckwit is my new favorite word!!<br />
I am a perfect example of an adopted individual who was abused. My birthmother had me as the result of an affair and gave me up at age 2..only to be physically,psychologically,and sexually abused by my adoptive father.<br />
<br />
Although abortion shouldn't be a choice made lightly, it should still remain a choice! Interesting that there are so many men who think they know what is best for women..It's bullshit, really!

thank you betty-- i like the word "fuckwit". :)

Betty, you are right (like usual!) <BR><BR>Rarely is adoption talked about as anything other than a bed of roses for the child and the adoptive parents. Simply not the truth, and not a "perfect" solution as some would like to present it.

all I ever heard him say is thou shall not kill, ok so why are those christian there history is full of killing how about those nuns abouting babys and putting their little bodys into the walls at the church, oh what was that about,,,and all the Natives you tortured with your domanation,,you well all feel God/Goddess wrath, for all the pain you caused all in Gods name stouping and paying no respeact to the Mother ,,,You christian who think its your way our hell guess what hell is where you are going with your self rightous attacks,,,for all of your unlove you will feel God/Goddess wrath,,, how about all you judgen moenuckas, your time is coming and I will be here laughing in your unknowing faces saying I know you not,,,and let me clairafie which christian I am talking about,,,,any christian that does not pay respect to the Mother of heaven and earth is blaspheme the Holy Ghost,,,that aint my words its your bibles words,,,and all that changing you really think you can fool your own God, into siding with what you think is the truth,,,I think not,,,I am so angry with you who say you know the Father of heaven, the church will be judged first,,, and how you are not presenting the Father nor the Son,,,and never have the presented the Mother,,,I don't have any compassion for those of you who only honer the Father and son and give no honer to the Mother,,,see ya don't want to be yeah,,,lol,,,ok I know got a little rage for them self rightous self absorbed think they know the truth,,,later crazy mary here,,,loving everyone that can show real love and not be tell others what they are doing wrong your God never gave that job to any of you,,,your hearts are not good enough ,,,oh I got to stut up I could just burn my self right up right now,,,over Christian,,,love mary

i should probably just delete the comment about how abortion is against god's will but i will plainly state that god certainly does not care whether or not people have abortions. if "he" allows millions of children who ARE born to live in squalor and suffer tremendously, he certainly isn't concerned about the nonexistent ones. and of course if "he" cared so much, women who didn't want children wouldn't become impregnated anyway.

I think abortion should be required at certain times- you're on welfare or an illegal. But that'll never swing. <br />
And of course if God really doesn't want me to have an abortion- no one's stopping him from divinely intervening (directly that is, not by His shrieking picketing minions blocking clinics and shouting on boards- those folks just make God out to be a royal a--whole, someone I wouldn't even trust to reliably water my plants)

I agree i just think it is unfair on the poor women that already had to make a not so easy decision. It is bad enough that a woman had to go through that let alone be made to feel like a murderer. <br />
Don't give women an option then call them murderers because they have chosen to use it. <br />
I agree.


i did i was told by my abusive christian family that i couldnt adopt him out eirther becuse thats also agaist god and your post menapausel so why do you care?