Why Are You Upset About People Saying Abortion Is Murder?

Obviously when two people think they're "in love" and they simply lay down together and screw without caring about the consequences, don't they understand that they will conceive? You feel there's nothing wrong with woman's to get rid of an innocent unborn child, who did not ask to be conceived, nor was it to be blamed for the selfish sexual act his/her parents engaged in, neither was it his/her fault for it either, since it did not ask to be conceived, so the mother of that child will merely get rid of it by forcing it out of her womb before it even has the chance to have a life? You honestly think that's fair? My opinion is that it's selfish and cruel and yes, it is murder also. People just think about the moment of getting laid and the hell with the risk of having sex before their time and the price they will pay, but they apparently didn't think about the consequences of conceiving. They think that since abortion is legal, they could conveniently abort the baby if it happens to get formed from their hormonal irresponsibility. That's really sad.

P.S. I also believe that nobody should have an abortion even if they were raped or sexually abused because that wasn't the fetus's fault that happened and that's the way they were conceived too. Nothing any two adults do who are the opposite sexes who have sex, regardless if it's humanly moral or immoral, should be killed before it has the opportunity to breathe outside the womb.


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I think everyone has the right to do what they want. But I also think everyone has a right to voice their opinions so I will give mine. I think abortion is wrong. I mean maybe if you were raped or the baby would come out horribly. I suppose most would say to that, well, just put them up for adoption. But that is cruel. The child grows up knowing and feeling it's parents did not want them. I think we have enough screwed up ppl in the world. However, If someone got preg because a condom broke or they were drunk and stupid or they just didn't want to use protection or they forgot their birth control. That is just selfish. Regardless of whether or not you consider the "egg" alive, you are going against nature itself. And that's the majority of what's wrong with today's world. Too much industry, too much science, too much pollution, not enough love, clean air, pure medicines instead of atrocities that make sicker. It's wrong to go against nature. They do make pretty good "toys" now a days...i mean really...

Being an unwanted child can hardly be called a "life". I wish my mother had simply aborted me. That's all I can say.

So for the women who have had to have abortions because the fetus had a deadly deformity and the child would be born to suffering, the mother would have to carry full term a child who will undoubtably die within months is acting inhumane? All of the abandoned, malnourished and drug addicted children born to parents who slide under the radar of DCF before it is too late get a chance to live a miserable life because abortion is murder but living for them is torture? Not every child has a loving home, not every child will get a loving home, and most will remain in a sate of misery because not enough people care, DCF is not always called, and most abuse is hidden. The cycle continues. I would rather a woman decide not to have a child if she knows she will never be a parent. If every child given up for adoption found a safe home I would feel different but that is just not the case. There is more reason for abortion than rape and unprotected sex resulting in an unwanted child.

Please do not join a group you do not agree with. I have flagged your story as drama. This is a group for people who don't want you to come up and tell us that abortion is murder. I will not infiltrate anti aortion experience groups and share my feelings about how abortion saved my life. I would have been a homeless 18 year old mother and believe me, foster care stinks. I would never bring a child into the world to live through that.

The truth cuts like a knife, doesn't it?

hypocritical to call someone judgemental when you are judging them yourself. you can easily state your opinion without attacking people you know

Hey, don't get pissed at me about what you said. If you are blind to your own hypocrisy, what good would it do to continue about it, really? Again, you appear to think it is ok to attack those with a different opinion and make predeterminations based off what your response states. Or, in this case simply point out the obvious similarities in your accusations against others and not realize you are doing exactly what you are accusing them of doing. Nobody is going to convince you differently, and I seriously doubt that you will change anyone else's mind of their opinions on the matter. Don't fault anyone for feeling strongly against something as much as you feel strongly for it. I agree on one fact you don't know what a person goes through unless you experience. However, I would add experiences are different for everyone.

For the record, I am not a "Mr."<br />
<br />
That being said, I will politely bow out of this debate, acknowledging that we have polar opposite view points and wishing you all the best.<br />
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You can go on and play Mr. Innocent and deny you wanting to dispute with me about this on here as much as you want. And, for the record, life is an appropriate thing, since God is the one who creates life, we just get it started, since we cannot have a sexual relationship with God, obviously. So, although God lets us have free will and the freedom to choose how we want to live our life, then by all means, go ahead and sleep around, and catch some kind of horrifique disease, which by the way, is probably God's fault to in your eyes, even though you all are the ones who don't keep your hormones in check, and even if you don't conceive, you end up with HIV, but no, that's not your fault, it's God's fault for letting that happen to you because it's your right to have sex, even though God is the one who created sex and to use it the correct way and not make it into a game. That's why the Lord said sex is for married people who are both the opposite sex, but I guess if you wait to have sex before saying I do and you decide to save yourself, then you are considered an old fashioned prude, since premarital sex is the in thing now and virginity is considered retarded. I know about this better than you think I do because I am not a virgin and I had sex before I found my soulmate.

MySweetLord~I don't think I have had much interaction with you and I am certain you have me confused with someone else. I have not joined any "christian" groups EVER let alone for the sake of stirring up debate. I don't think I ever insert myself into a thread disrespectfully, only if it seems appropriate. I debate and converse with those that are able to do so respectfully. I don't understand where your attack is coming from, but it is certainly your prerogative (and right) to post any story any where you want. I never indicated that I believed otherwise.<br />
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Finally, people that are pro-life seem to equate being pro-choice as being pro-abortion. I am sorry, but this is way off the mark, at least with me. I think women should use all precautions available (including birth control pills and condoms) and be responsible in their sexual behavior. I think that if a woman finds herself pregnant and feels that she can not carry that baby to term and abortion is her only option, then she should be allowed to do that without condemnation, because it is NOT murder and it IS legal...and because having an abortion is a WOMAN'S RIGHT

My daughter is a student nurse. She delivered a few babies born of crack addicts, even just from cig. smokers. Good thing is the crack babies are mostly going to a good home, the nic. babies suffer too, from withdraw. My daughter said no way would she wanna get in that field its too heart wrenching. <br />
People lay down with dogs wake up with fleas. Some people don't want to take responsibility of a baby or are simply overwhelmed with the idea of having one. It just comes with an imature mind. There are so many resources out there that can help people and kids. Abortion , for the most part I think is done in fear.<br />
Its sad, not the fetus fault but hopefully at least when its done, its not done at a later stage. My mother adopted a baby who's mother had him in a toilet trying to stuff his head in and flush him down. His head now is the shape of the inside of a toilet. Yes he is retarded too. <br />
Parents should be aborted.

To cc5439 - lol, I'm stirring up a debate, huh? It's very interesting that you say I'm stirring up a debate when at least all I did was voice my opinion here about my feelings about two people engaging in a brothel before tying the knot and then taking their inconvenience out on it by ripping it out of the womb when the fetus had nothing to do with their unwed parents lust! I did not even join this forum, but people like you join our Christian forums not because you are even interested in Jesus, but so you all could cause havoc and spread you negativity in our groups, but you see, I am not the kind of person to express my ill feelings about your secular outlook on life by joining a group about that issue because I'm too old to act like a 4 year old. That being said, I have as much right and as much privilege and as much freedom as you do to post a comment no matter what the subject is about on it. If anybody is causing a debate right now, it's YOU!! I mean, who just died and left you God?! Oh, wait a second, I forgot, now I just remembered, "YOU ARE GOD!!!"

What does being atheist have to do with the argument? No one was attacking anyone here. The author of the story came into a pro-choice group to stir up a debate, then never returned. The people that stated their pro-choice beliefs weren't bashing god. What is the point of stirring up so much sh**, orion? Anyhow, I believe that MOST (notice I said most) people are capable of carrying on intelligent debate of opposing points of view without getting nasty and mean.

i truly don't think that its something thats black and white, theres many reasons as to y they do have an abortion and who are we to judge when you dont no the reason, maybe you think its better to have these unwanted babies? what do you think becomes of an unwanted babie?

Yeah...I think betty said it best with "hahahahaha"<br />
<br />
Seriously, why go to a pro choice group with this kind of opinion? This is how arguments start and feelings get started. <br />
<br />
Here is a question for you: if having an abortion when just a few weeks pregnant is murder, wouldn't it make sense that denying life in any form is murder? Wouldn't that include birth control, which of course prevents conception? Isn't preventing conception the same as denying life? Are you popping out a kid every 9 months to do your part in pro-creation? <br />
<br />
I know this is over the top, but so is your opinion SweetLord...sooooo over the top it's mind boggling.

Why doesn't every person who is against abortion would take an unwanted child (or two) and raise them? Problem solved! :-)

To respond to cheer girl I did not say that most abortions were preformed for women who were raped I simply said why does the unborn child who didn't ask to be created have more rights than a woman who never asked to be raped? <br />
<br />
Also yes i support the choice of abortion. People should be allowed to choose for themselves whether or not they will have a baby. Whether your religion or beliefs do not allow you to see it my is no concern of mine. <br />
<br />
And thirdly I did not discredit the belief that their are circumstances in which a fetus is aborted because of the irresponsible choices of a person some are aborted due to one night stands and not wanting to ruin a fun filled life style. I simply said that there are mature couples who try and prevent it the best way technology allows us (besides abstinence) who choose not to have a baby for various mature reasons.

I think betty said it best<br />
<br />
<br />

I hate when people phish in groups they disagree with and won't even stick around to back it up.

How can anyone pass judgement or say what someone that was raped and became pregnant must do unless you have lived through such a horrific thing an experience that some women would rather die than go through. <br />
I dont think anyone has the right to tell anyone else what they should do with thier body . <br />
What should be done is educate more about being responsible for your actions in and out of the bedroom so that will stem the number of unwanted pregnacies and that education should start with parents talking openly and candidly to thier sons and daughters when the time is right . <br />
<br />
I have a very good friend that had an abortion and believe me that though it was done years ago she still talks about it and grieves , she did not just waltz into an abortion clinic after a one night stand so that she could get rid of the "problem" and be free to have a good time in her dancing shoes .

Obviously you are a very close-minded person.<br />
<br />
Many people take birth control and use other methods so they don't become pregnant.There are times that it happens anyway.<br />
<br />
When a person is raped or abused,it isn't their fault either that they were forced by some sick person.They didn't ask for someone's penis to be shoved inside of their body.<br />
<br />
Apparently you don't have a clue and shouldn't point fingers unless your own hands are clean.I'm not just talking about abortion either!

cheergurl87, I'm all for opinions and arguing, but your statics are either one-sided, or full of **** from some pro-life thinktank. A casual google of "neutral abortion statistics" show that in 2005 1.21 million abortions were performed (which is about 3300 a day), and abortion rates are universally declining every year...where did you get this 3700 a day number?<br />
<br />
And while your other numbers are more or less sound, the number of abortions for a single woman under the poverty level is more than four times that of a single woman 300% over the poverty level; so let's just snip all the tubes of the poor and that'll cut out a lot of these unwanted unneeded babies, k?

The gaps in logic here are breathtaking....

So Jiggy,<br />
<br />
I'm betting it's safe to say that you are cool with the idea and actions of abortion. I happen to disagree wholeheartedly. I think that "MySweetLord" had it right - maybe they couldn't quite get their words out in the correct way, but I understand where they are coming from.<br />
<br />
Did you happen to know that there are approximately 3,700 abortions a DAY in this country alone? 64.4% of all abortions are performed on never-married women, which means that most of those abortions were performed for women who had one night stands and decided that a precious child could not interrupt their fun-filled lifestyles.<br />
<br />
And as for you saying that most of them are raped?? Yeah, you might want to check those stats again because only 1% of all abortions occur because of rape or ******; 6% of abortions occur because of potential health problems regarding either the mother or child, and 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient).

Coming into a pro choice group to express your pro life opinions is obviously looking to cause an argument. Or perhaps you are just trying to convince us "murderers" to save our next victim? <br />
Also let me get this straight, you believe that every single woman who has ever had an abortion simply believed it was a convinent way to cover up their irresponsible lust driven decision? This may be entirely true for some women who go through with it but you are either deliberatly ignoring the other side or just ignorant. <br />
<br />
Though I have never had an abortion I do not believe it would be an easy decision to come to, it's not like a woman would wake up saying "you know what I want today? An abortion." There are serious psychological, emotional, and physical problems associated with aborting a fetus so it is not something most women would go through with on a whim.<br />
I am sure that some abortions are the result of the stupidity and immaturity of sexual partners but some people understand perfectly the possible consequences of intercourse and continue to have it in the safest ways to prevent conception. Pregnancies can happen even when a couple takes precaution. If you are suggesting waiting to have sex until marriage then that is a whole new set of beliefs.<br />
As to women who are sexually abused or raped I think that I will not be alone in saying they have probably suffered lots of psychological/emotional trauma and may not make the best mothers. That and is it fair to expect a woman, who had no choice in the conception, to have a child because it is "unfair" to the unborn child to have an abortion? You say how the fetus did not ask to be born but neither did the woman ask to be raped, so I am confused as to why the unborn child has more rights than a woman who may not be ready nor have wanted a child.

so you are saying that the baby should be killed after it has taken its first breath...<br />
i think you are very confused about alot of things ...your words are confusing