What Is Worse Than Those Having Abortions ?

Those who disagree with it, and think they are justified in killing those who preform it.

 I had one, it was horrifying to me,a 12 year old girl. 

It still,at 48 haunts me. 

The sounds, I will never forget. 

The mother who acted like we were on a girls only road trip.

Stop judging,  stop with t he guilt trips, the torture of knowledge up close & personal is enough !

 I do however believe that......................if you keep on having them  because you were careless with your birth control, then yes, I personally feel you are  a murderer.

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2 Responses Sep 15, 2009

my personal feeling is that if you're against abortion, don't have one. God doesn't put a soul into a body until it starts breathing on its own outside the womb. you did the right thing if you weren't able to give a baby a happy life at the time. an abortion is better than an unwanted kid or a kid who can't be properly cared for. all the judgemental idiots walking around conveniently seem to forget that judging isn't exactly looked upon by God as something virtuous.<br />
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the last thing i want to do is stir up bad memories. i want to show you my support and let you know you did the right thing. your story came up in the story box and after reading it, i wanted to send you some love and support. you're a GREAT mommy to me!

So you are physically upset due to the abortion you had years ago. There are many others who do not have the same feelings. I challenge any to decide if America is a secular nation or a religious nation. If secular then abortion choice or not is a personal move as religion does not have a right to control secular government. If it is a Christian nation then you had better be careful as the Bible give many examples where death is the punishment for Adultery and many other sins. I just want to make it clear that there should be a separation of Church and State and when there isn't we find countries like Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia and other countries that have chosen to mingle the two.<br />
I'm sorry you are having those feelings. It must be tough but it is time to move on and think about what you could do to personally convince someone not to have an abortion rather then having government do it for you.