#3ed Child Expired Thru Nature

 I suggested to my dearly departed that we (abort our 3ed)- she insisted we go head with the birth. "both of them died on the delivery table due to her (heart embolisim) which awoken me to the fact that any child who is born shall eventually "one day grow up to one day die" as will also the mother. My point is; "giving birth" can kill...and God cannot stop it, nor will God bother to cure it... "so, why allow birth at all...? "Gods Will...?" I dont buy it anymore!"

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Adoption or foster rates are terribly ugly, especially in regards to the interests of the child.<br />
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Luxor, you have my sympathies.

Stretch marks and pregnancy are two pretty good reasons not to.

You will die one day, you're right...does that mean that you wish you hadn't been born?<br />
A still birth is always a terrible experience but more often than not a healthy baby is born--and even if you and your wife don't feel like raising it, there's a family out there that doesn't have the choice to make their own that would LOVE to raise your child...and they are willing to pay good money to adopt it. Unless it is dangerous for a woman to go through with child birth, why wouldn't she? (Unless she was raped....that's different)<br />
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Anyway, opinions are like ********, everybody has one. Have a good one!

Why is it different if she was raped its still murder