Cause Its So Easy Now...

I am so tired of this line. Over and over I hear it. Things could be worse, or appreciate what you have. I'm not crying because I don't have a fancy car or a mansion to live in. I cry because I cannot stop it, no matter how hard I try. So what I have a place to live. I would rather have a sane and clear mind that does not send me into a death spiral every time something wrong happens, then live in the richest estate in the world. Telling me that there are starving children in the world or people with no money, doesn't help me. Cause then I feel guilty for feeling sad and the cycle doesn't stop. "It could be worse" needs to be stricken from the record and never used again. Just remember how irratated and sad it made you feel. Don't say it to other people.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Hey, I understand how you feel. That is what all my friends and family tell me. Thought it never helps me. I'm on your side girl :)

it could be worse- people forget the flip side of that it could be BETTER too

Thanks amberdextrous

Hear hear, fugly! Only someone who has suffered depression themselves can hope to come close to understanding how it feels to be trapped in that awful spiral.<br />
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I once heard a doctor tell my ex-wife: When you feel depressed, just think about those poor starving children in African countries. As if that kind of advice is ever going to help already extra-sensitive people feel better!<br />
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There is no easy solution to depression, no magic spell of words that will make those feelings of dread disappear. The best anyone can do is promise to listen when a depressed person wants to talk and to accept it when they don't. And maybe to offer a hug.<br />
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